Blind Lion’s Bluff

We snuggled last night. Initially, I was just going to snuggle, but then Lion invited me to let my hand wander. He was enjoying himself, but I didn’t go beyond that. In hindsight, I probably should have, but it was the first night we’d done anything. We can go further tonight.

When Lion was taking out his contacts, he lost one. I went to help find it. I always look on the floor first to make sure I’m not going to step on it. It wasn’t there. I looked all over the sink and counter. We took the drain apart since it was hiding in there the other night. I looked all over the floor again and moved to look on the counter again and crunch. I don’t know where it was hiding. I swear I looked. I know I looked. Is it possible it fell when we were looking elsewhere? We heard a crunch. I stepped on it.

If it had been his other contact, I don’t think it would have broken from being stepped on. This one was the new scleral lens he was trying. The doctor tweaked the prescription a little so there is another one on order, but it’s not in yet. We’re supposed to swap this contact for the new one. They don’t want it back in pieces so we’ll have to pay for it all over again. The good news is that they aren’t quite as expensive as the old contacts that he was losing every week there for a while. The bad news is that it takes a few weeks to get them in. Lion’s vision is much better in the newer contact. I feel horrible about breaking it.

I guess, if Lion can’t see as well, I’ll have to find a way to amuse him. (He’s frantically waving his hand.) He knows exactly how I can amuse him. I do too. Not to worry, my pet. You’ll have a fun time tonight. [Lion — Is the fun a spanking or sex? She’s a sneaky lioness.]