Today is (Not) Thursday

This morning, Lion thought it was Thursday. He couldn’t figure out how he lost a day. I may have just figured it out. I was supposed to spank him last night. It was punishment day and I waited specifically for that day to do a “just because”/maintenance spanking and I blew it. It’s not like I can’t do it today, but the purpose of doing it yesterday is lost.

I spent much of yesterday with a headache. Tylenol helped. Snoozing a bit after work also helped. Lion was snoozing too. He woke up long enough to ask what to do about dinner and then he was out again. I made the executive decision to make stir fry. I took a shower after dinner and it never even crossed my mind to spank him. We just watched TV like we usually do.

I didn’t have a headache today until my boss’s boss decided to micromanage things. I hate that. And everything has to be done now. Right now. Are you done yet? Yet? Yet? Why not? What’s taking so long? Argh! Keep your nose out of my business. Too bad I can’t swat her like I swat Lion. If I set a timer at all it would be for far longer than ten minutes. I just have to make it another hour or so and I can be done with the week.

Lion is busy working on his book. I’d interrupt him if I wanted to spank him now. I’ll wait until he’s done for the day around 4:30 or so. I can either get him on the way in the shower or out. I think his butt would be more tender afterwards, but he’ll be cold and want to climb in bed. I’ll be nice and whomp him before his shower. At least he can wash off any blood I draw.