I’m Getting Spanked Tonight, I Think


Tuesday night didn’t work out the way I had hoped. By the time Mrs. Lion worked her way down to her weenie, it was after nine, and it wouldn’t wake up. I’m writing this on Wednesday afternoon, and my thoughts have been drifting toward oral sex, both for Mrs. Lion and me. I know that she doesn’t exactly want sex, but I wonder if, after her shower tonight, she might enjoy an orgasm. It might be relaxing, even fun. I know that I’m in the mood for a blow job. Shocking, huh?

I’m wild today. The locking cock ring irritated me a bit at the base of my penis, at the spot where it joins the scrotum. I’m sure that a day or two of vacation from the ring will cure me. I had it on for almost six days without it coming off. It feels a bit odd to be wild. Speaking of time passing, I haven’t been spanked in twelve days. Mrs. Lion’s paddle fingers are getting itchy. I can tell by her post yesterday (“No Spanking Tonight“). It isn’t too hard to read the tea leaves. My next punishment day is Thursday. The chances are good that she’ll use the day to remind me of the little things she didn’t spank me for since last time.

It seems that “use it or lose it” applies equally to both sex and spanking. I always knew that frequent sex was needed to keep the drive alive and well. I was surprised to learn that the same is true of domestic discipline. You would think that the objective was to behave well enough to avoid punishment. I imagined that meant that spankings would be less and less frequent as I followed my rules.

Like others, I learned that isn’t true. Well, it is true in the sense that behavior does improve with regular reinforcement with a paddle. Good behavior isn’t enough. Unless the disciplinary wife gets aroused by spanking her husband, she will “forget” about her role if too much time goes by between spankings. Sexual arousal is a very good reminder for her to remain vigilant. For everyone else, the best way to maintain balance seems to be regular spankings, even if unearned.

That’s certainly true of us. We’ve discovered that if much more than two weeks go by without me riding the spanking bench, Mrs. Lion becomes less interested in monitoring my behavior. I pay less attention to what I am supposed to do. We lose focus and some connection with each other. Many couples discover this. Some call these unearned punishments maintenance spankings. We call them “just because” spankings. The idea is that chances are good Mrs. Lion overlooked some behavioral issues, and now I am spanked “just because” she missed them. We both know we need to do this. If Mrs. Lion neglects to schedule one, I remind her. This time, she remembered on her own.