In Search Of A Happier Ending

For some reason, Mrs. Lion got the idea that anal play could supplement the pelvic floor therapy I get from the CMS machine. It uses an anal probe to cause the pelvic floor muscles to contract. When I feel the action, I squeeze at the same time. The idea is to strengthen the muscles and help my brain get a better connection to them. This therapy seems to be working. My orgasm last week produced some semen. I’m very glad of that.

Another reason that I gave her some cream filling was the activities before the oral sex began. She spent a long time with clothespins, my balls, and of course my penis. All the sexual stimulation gave my body the chance to prepare for the grand finale. It had been just five days since my last orgasm, so my motor hadn’t gone completely cold yet. I don’t think she realizes how important stimulation is between opportunities to ejaculate.

It isn’t exactly foreplay. I need more than achieving an erection every day or two to maintain the necessary charge in my battery. True edging works; just getting close doesn’t seem to do as well. We both know this. Lately, there are more and more reasons why nothing sexual happens for days and then, when it does, the level of intensity isn’t high enough to help very much.

This isn’t Mrs. Lion’s fault. It’s just the reality of my sexuality. Just as my pelvic floor needs recharging using the CMS machine, my sexual systems need similar help. I think that part of the problem is just normal aging. Perhaps a significant part is the orgasm control we’ve been practicing for almost a decade. The “use it or lose it” concept may apply to male sexuality. Or, it may just be me.

We’re in a difficult situation. Because my lioness doesn’t want sex for herself, there’s always pressure to try to allow me to enjoy something approaching a normal sex life. Our sex life was never normal in the vanilla sense, but it was fun. Currently, it’s my sex life and it’s off-the-charts abnormal. It’s no one’s fault that it is. The effect is cumulative. I don’t think Mrs. Lion knows how exciting it was to give her an orgasm. She also doesn’t know how much it hurts when I see that she is tired and achy and still wants to give me a blow job.

Maybe it was a mistake to train me not to jerk off. It’s true that I never really liked doing it, but I didn’t bother anyone when I did. I have no idea how to make this better. All I know is that I want to find a way.