Fetch Me My Paddle

large round paddle

I asked Lion if he was horny. He said he might be. Why do I bother? I just went around and unlocked him and told him I was going to suck him. I know he likes it better when I tell him what I want, but I’d like to know if it’s got any chance of working before I order him across the bed. I mean, if he’s not interested at all, it makes no sense for me to do it. From his point of view, I guess the mere act of ordering him might be the thing that flips the switch. I hope he’d give me a genuine head’s up if he wasn’t feeling well or knew it wouldn’t work.

However, last night it worked. Of course, Lion didn’t think it worked completely because I didn’t give him an orgasm. I knew he wasn’t getting one. I’m pretty sure I said in my post that he wasn’t getting one. A lion can hope. I got him very, very close a few times. I think that’s a big win. He was very excited and very disappointed he didn’t get his happy ending. I’d say tonight is another night, but there’s the matter of punishment to deal with first.

As I said yesterday, Lion didn’t sleep well Tuesday night. He was tired yesterday and slept after his shower. He blames that for forgetting to set up the coffee pot. If I was going to fall for an excuse, that wouldn’t be it. The problem is that he fell asleep after his 5 pm deadline to set up the coffee pot. He walked past me a few times. My desk is in this sort of not-a-hallway, not-a-real-room area between the bedroom, his office, and the rest of the house. I wasn’t paying attention to where he was going, but he had ample opportunity to do his job. The other excuse he tried was that he was writing. Yup. And I was making dinner when I took a minute to put the pieces together and put water in the reservoir between stirring this and not burning that. Life goes on.

Maybe a sore butt will turn him on more. Let’s see how sore I can get him tonight.