We’re the Problem

Lion’s post for this morning reminded me of when I first started staying with him. We’d have dinner and watch some TV. Around 10 we’d play. It wasn’t always just sex, but I clearly remember it being around 10. At some point, long after I’d moved in, we started doing things earlier. Lion has been lamenting about waiting until after dinner or things happening like clockwork. I think they always have. I don’t know why we chose 10 all those years ago. I do know why I tend to do things an hour after dinner. We eat, watch Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy, I clean up from dinner and take a shower, and then we play.

I have tried doing things before dinner. Generally, Lion takes a shower around 4:30 and he’s huddled under the covers to get warm. Sometimes he snoozes. Yes, I can wake him up, but I feel bad doing that. If he’s sleeping, he must be tired. I wouldn’t like to be woken up to have sex, even when I wanted sex. I can’t see how receptive a groggy Lion would be. Anyway, when I was working at the office, I liked to have some time to wind down from the day before I had to make dinner. While it’s true I work from home now and save time by not commuting, it’s still nice to be able to wind down after work. Many times, I have to jump right into something else that needs attention anyway.

Yesterday afternoon, we were watching TV and I think both of us were snoozing. I know I was. It was getting later so I took a shower before dinner. When I got out, I asked if he wanted attention then as opposed to waiting for things to happen like clockwork. He said he’d rather wait. I made dinner, we ate, I cleaned up, I grabbed the clothespins and he asked if we could wait a while. I didn’t have a problem waiting. I never asked if he was ready later on. I figured he would tell me if he was ready. He may have been waiting for me. Another missed opportunity.

We’ve got to get our act together. It seems like we’re both getting in the way now.


  1. May I ask how old you and Lion are? You seem to be going through things similar to what my wife and I are going through. We also have the same dynamics in our marriage. I hope all gets better. At least you two have more opportunity to make things spicier, since you have a wider repertoire of activities you can turn to. My wife is much less adventurous and I’m sad.

  2. You can’t start a new business right away. Of course, you need at least a short break and rest.

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