Bridging The Sexual Gap

You probably think I am a selfish lout. Based on my lioness’s latest posts, it’s the conclusion I would reach after reading her remarks. She’s right that I’m not very expressive about what I want. I’ve never been good at that. It’s too late for me to change that behavior.

I wrote that I get bored with handjobs. It’s true for over seven years, that was 99 percent of my sex life. Maybe “bored” is the wrong word. More accurately, it stops feeling good sometimes when Mrs. Lion is jerking me off. Part of the reason could be her hand position. Probably it’s just me.

On Saturday night, Mrs. Lion was playing with my penis. She wrote, “I played with his weenie, and he said it felt good, but then the comments stopped, and he wasn’t hard.”

I thought I was hard. I was having a very good time. When I’m experiencing sex, I get quiet. Talking distracts me. Mrs. Lion knows that. What bothers me is that I was sure I was erect. It surprised me when she stopped. I assumed that her shoulder was bothering her. I didn’t want to say anything. She would have continued even though she was in pain if I did. She never tells me when she is uncomfortable. My safest move is to let her stop and not comment.

I had fun anyway. Because sex is just for me, everything feels a little artificial. I’m very sensitive about how selfish it must seem for me to want sex when Mrs. Lion just wants to rest her aching bones. I feel selfish and insensitive. She feels like she is neglecting me.

Her solution is to commit to doing something sexual every day or two. I appreciate that effort. It doesn’t feel very natural. It doesn’t help that it always happens about an hour after dinner. You can almost set your watch from when Mrs. Lion moves over and tries to turn me on. I guess it makes the most sense to her.

There doesn’t seem to be a good solution to bridging this sexual gap. That won’t stop us from trying.

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