Cold Turkey

Lion thinks I’m addicted to my iPad. I don’t think it’s that bad. He made two requests last night. One is that I don’t spend more than an hour a day on my iPad. Done. I won’t spend any time on my iPad. He gets my full attention except for work, writing a post, housework and other essential things. The iPad is not essential. He said I spend a lot of time on my computer on the weekends too. While it wasn’t a request, I won’t spend any time on my computer aside from work and writing a post. And Wordle. We both like Wordle, but that takes less than five minutes. The other request is that my daughter cannot text me after 8 pm our time. Nope. I do not agree with that one. She doesn’t text often so I don’t see a problem with texting whenever she wants to. I’ll give up water before I tell her (or any of my kids) she can’t text after 8. [Lion — 8 pm our time is 11 pm where her daughter lives.] [Mrs. Lion — She’s a college student who has frequent trouble sleeping.]

Another idea Lion floated past me is that I need to find things that I enjoy about sex either for myself or for him. Have I given the impression that I don’t enjoy things I do for him? There are a few things that are less enjoyable, and we don’t do them as often. He cites my aches and pains as a valid reason to avoid sex. No more. I don’t care if I’m bleeding from my eyeballs, he’ll get some action. The only thing standing in the way is whether he wants sex or not.

Lion had an eye doctor appointment this morning. He discussed his recent illness with him and was advised to get to an emergency room if it happens again. Lion says I need to put my foot down and make him go. I can’t make him listen to me when I suggest a certain way to help him stand up or walk. How am I supposed to put my foot down? I could call an ambulance and tell them he’s having a mental breakdown, so they better restrain him. Short of that, I can’t see him listening, no matter how hard I put my foot down. If his life depends on it, and it may, I will do my best.

Last night, he had my full attention aside from when we were both watching TV. I unlocked him and gave him oral sex. Either he’s not 100% back to normal or I don’t excite him anymore, but he didn’t get very far. Not to worry. Tonight is another night.

[Lion — Last night was wonderful. I haven’t lost interest in Mrs. Lion. I just ran out of steam. When it comes to health crises situations, Mrs. Lion never suggests I go for help. That has always come from me. The problem last week was that I was struggling to stay functional. I didn’t even think of asking for medical help. I was suggesting that saying, “We need to go to the ER” would get things moving. She could easily see I was in trouble. Putting her foot down is something we’ve been working on. A situation like the one we had is way more important than forgetting the coffee pot.]

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  1. Health problems can even deprive us of the desire for sex. Therefore, health is the most important and should be treated accordingly.

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