More Snuggling

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Stereotypically, men are supposed to want sex and not want to cuddle. Women are the ones who want to cuddle. Of course, these are stereotypes. Not all men dislike cuddling. Not all women like cuddling. Lion likes cuddling. I do too. However, we’ve always been more of a sex and done sort of couple. Lion admits that we’ve never really been romantic. Foreplay usually involves some sort of BDSM. For him, that is. I won’t say I never got foreplay, but it was not the norm. More often than not, I didn’t have sex. Lion got an orgasm a night. Even at my horniest, I didn’t want sex that often.

I really never kept track of how often I had sex. It was an easy answer for Lion since it was every night. When did it start to drop off? I don’t know. He has one timeline. I can neither confirm nor deny that timeline. I just don’t know. I can’t even say for sure if I had sex 50% of the time Lion had it. Was it 40%? I have no idea. Toward the end of my wanting sex, I’d guess it was down to less than 10%. Since I never kept score, it never really bothered me when I didn’t want sex anymore. It wasn’t something that happened overnight. It just trailed off to nothing. The problem I’m having with Lion’s issues with one-sided sex is that, to some extent, it was always one-sided.

What difference does it make it I had sex 50% of the time or 10% of the time? It’s still 50% or 90% one-sided. I didn’t have a problem with it then and I don’t have a problem with it now. Yes, we’ve grown apart. Generally, I think all couples do. It’s a very rare couple that can keep the flame burning as bright on day 5000 as it did on day one. I don’t know how long 5000 days is [Lion — 5,000 days is a little over 13 1/2 years.], but given how many marriages end in divorce, many of those couples may not even be together. How many of the ones still together can stand the sight of each other? I won’t say our flame has burned out. We’re just as close as we were all those years ago. What we need to do is get back to the snuggly close times. We can do that. I’m not saying I can get back to wanting sex, but we can definitely turn up the flame.