I Was Spanked Two Days In A Row

My “tomato” butt after a wood paddle spanking.

Monday night, I was spanked for the second day in a row. Well, the first spanking on Sunday was part of our NFL game. It was the lion version of a play spanking–very painful 244 swats. After my spanking, I took a shower. One of my new rules is that I have to be sure to close the glass shower door after I’m done. It’s necessary because the dog likes to go into the shower stall (Go figure!). We find her muddy footprints inside and out.

Mrs. Lion noticed that I forgot to close it on Sunday night. She informed me that she would wait until Monday to spank me. What a sweetheart! Promptly at 5 PM on Monday, she set up the spanking bench and told me to get into position. She set the timer for ten minutes and went to work.

She started with a rubber conveyer-belt-material paddle. That hurts like hell. After a bit, she switched to one of her leather implements. That hurt a lot when she hit hard, but I found myself getting used to it. When that happens, it doesn’t hurt very much. Only her hardest swats hurt a lot. She attempted to get inside my crack. She complained it was hard to get inside. I wondered why she didn’t tell me to relax so she could spank me there.

I’m writing this post late on Tuesday morning. I have a sore spot on my left cheek. I feel it when I move in my chair. After the spanking, both cheeks had leathery, swollen areas. Mrs. Lion thought she saw a bruise. There was no bleeding. I hate to say this where she will read it, but the leather paddle and strap aren’t sending as strong a  message as the wood.

Getting spanked two days in a row get to me much more than a single spanking. Coincidently, Julie published a post about her husband sentencing her to five consecutive days of spanking (“I Was Spanked Every Day For A Week“). One of her cheeks ended up looking like mine when Mrs. Lion used wood.

Even though my two-day spanking marathon wasn’t the result of a sentence for an offense, it taught me a valuable lesson. On Monday, I couldn’t stop thinking about what would happen at five. I never worried like this about a spanking before. There was something about anticipating another spanking on my already-spanked bottom that got to me. I knew it would be a lot worse. There were some sore spots from the Sunday NFL spanking.

Now, the sore area has expanded. It’s hard to find a position that doesn’t remind me of Monday night’s spanking. I’ve had a sore bottom before. Almost every paddle spanking leaves me with sore spots. Nothing so far has caused me to truly dread a spanking the way the two-day series has.

I understand how Julie feels. Sure, the second spanking hurt more than the first. My anticipation was much worse. There was nothing erotic about it. I wondered why I had agreed to be spanked. I wanted to tell Mrs. Lion that I wanted her to stop. I didn’t. I broke a rule. I’m not supposed to like what happens when I do. It isn’t a sexy game. Mrs. Lion is doing the right thing.

Maybe I need her to spank me more than once if she wants me to understand that she’s serious about my obedience. This is new territory for us.


  1. Youchy! Yeah, these multi-day spankings suck eggs. You know me, I get an erotic charge out of my spankings, but by day 3 that was entirely extinguished.

    1. Author

      As my spankings became longer and more serious, the erotic value disappeared. I know that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

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