Time To Get Active Again

Welcome to the weekend. Since we are both home, the difference between weekdays and weekends isn’t very big. I work on my writing every day, so Saturday and Sunday are just the same. Mrs. Lion spends a lot of time on her computer even if she isn’t working. The only real difference is that she doesn’t have to wait until after five to go AFK. We are in a comfortable rut.

This may be a big part of our sexual issues. It takes conscious effort to “do things.” That’s too bad. We both agree that I would profit from more BDSM and domestic discipline. “Just because” spankings are rare (I’m not complaining!), and even less common are spankings for a reason. We both like it better when we are more active in this part of our lives.

Orgasm control has also changed. I don’t get sexual attention very often. When I do, it results in an orgasm. The last two times, nothing happened for four days. Then on the fifth day, Mrs. Lion got me off. It’s true that we both were curious about the EMS treatments I was getting. We both wanted to see if I ejaculate. After a week of EMS, I had a small amount of fluid.

We have to be more conscious of sex and spanking. The games we have been playing so well for years need to resume. Perhaps we need a trip to the Asian market for some ginger.

This isn’t all on Mrs. Lion. I play a big part in the current situation. When Mrs. Lion brought out the IcyHot, I was very negative. It’s fine for me to whine, but I need to encourage her. We have a safeword. Unless I use it, Mrs. Lion has a green light. That doesn’t mean I can complain. I need to welcome her attention.

I understand that Mrs. Lion doesn’t get aroused by doing all these things. She does have fun when she catches me breaking a rule. In a weird way, I like it too. Unfortunately, we only have one rule that is consistently enforced. I think it’s time for more. One possibility is leaving the shower door open. Our dog likes to go into the shower, especially just after we use it. Muddy pawprints are the result. I can’t seem to remember to close it after I shower.

There are probably other possibilities too. I think that Mrs. Lion’s biggest obstacle is her sense of fair play. She thinks of something and then decides it isn’t a good idea because I have a good reason for breaking it. One example is spilling food on the comforter. When we eat in bed, I have a hard time not spilling. There is a good reason. My vision is poor, and I can’t see where things are. It isn’t fair to spank me for spilling because of this. Right?

Well, yes and no. If the rule’s objective is to stop me from being careless, then it is useful. If I can’t see what I’m doing, you could argue it isn’t fair to punish me. What is our real purpose in having rules? It’s always been to give Mrs. Lion opportunities to spank me. That doesn’t mean the rules have to be frivolous. They can be useful. Fairness isn’t part of the equation. A rule has to be something that Mrs. Lion can catch me breaking.

If a rule is broken when we are both not working, Mrs. Lion can spank me then and there. We understand that this is inconvenient. If we are working on getting things going again, I suggest that Mrs. Lion try hard to punish as soon as possible after the offense.

Speaking of offenses, maybe we need to adjust the coffeepot rule. As it stands, the coffee pot has to be set up in time for it to be used in the morning. The problem with this is that Mrs. Lion is stuck setting it up when she needs to get breakfast ready efficiently. Maybe we need a deadline for setting it up. If the deadline is 5 PM every night, if I miss, she can punish me and then send me into the kitchen to correct my error. This assures that the coffee pot is always ready in the morning.

The other benefit is that I’m spanked and then required to do the chore I forgot. The same could be true for the shower door. If Mrs.Lion finds it open after my shower (I generally take one between four and six), she can have me close it and then spank me. This binary combination of breaking a rule, correcting the offense, and punishment all in a small space of time is educational for me and makes the game much more active for Mrs. Lion.

I think that we both need to be more physically active. Sure, there are always reasons not to be active. We are often tired or have something that aches. I think we have to play through these things. The result will be good for us both.