I really didn’t think I was hitting very hard. I’d started with “love taps” and progressed to harder swats but nothing that would be too hard. Lion was yelping, but that isn’t unusual. Then, he said, “Yellow.” Whoops! What happened? He said I was hitting too hard. I didn’t think so, but it wasn’t my ass that was getting hit. I have to defer to him. Obviously, I have to defer to him because he used the safe word. I didn’t need to stop. I just had to back off a bit.

I don’t think he’s ever used a safe word before. He’s asked me to back off. He’s told me I’m hitting too hard. Sometimes I listen to him. Sometimes I figure it’s all part of his yelping. It hurts. I know it hurts. If he wasn’t yowling, I’d think I wasn’t hitting hard enough. I don’t see anything wrong with backing off when he complains a bit. I’m not sure if Lion does or not. For all he knows, I was going to change how hard I was hitting anyway. I change the speed and the force often. I like to keep him guessing.

Lion made it the entire ten minutes of swatting. I used both rubber and leather paddles and tawses. I didn’t expect any blood and I didn’t get any. His buns were nice and rosy. I doubt he felt it for very long, but it hurt while it was happening and that’s enough of a deterrent. He’s sure to forget the coffee pot again at some point and will need a refresher spanking. Hopefully, that won’t happen any time soon. I’d like to think he’ll remember for a while, but I’ve been fooled before.

He will interrupt or be a know-it-all fairly soon. I know he tries not to do it, but I don’t think he can help himself for either infraction. My job is to catch him at it so he feels the consequences.