After extolling the virtues of Outlook, sticky notes, tying a string around my finger, etc., who forgets to set up the coffee pot? Now, let me think…was it Lion? Why, yes. Yes, it was. At least I didn’t blindly push the button to start it this morning. Of course, when I pointed it out, he wondered how he could have forgotten. How indeed. He blames it on the webinar he did yesterday. It threw his schedule off. Uh huh. That won’t save his hide.

The problem is that it’s still the only rule he gets punished for. He’s been very good about not interrupting, although he has taken over a few conversations. I didn’t point it out at the time, but I guess his next spanking can encompass that as well. Poor Lion. That’s what he said when he found out about the coffee pot. Poor Lion. Silly Lion is more like it. If he wants me to pay attention, then he should too.

I don’t know if he was interested in sex last night, but I wasn’t. Over the weekend, I moved some heavy stuff around and my arm was hurting. It took the day off on Sunday and then started hurting again yesterday. I think it’s a shoulder issue I’ve had for a while that acts up every so often. It’s an old football injury. Softball, actually. Too many long throws in from the outfield. So far it’s fine today – just in time to spank him. What luck!

I haven’t given Lion any coming attractions yet. At this point, he knows he’s getting spanked and that can go a long way toward turning him on. Once he’s strapped to the bench, it turns him off too. However, he’s said he gets turned on again when he thinks about it afterward. I’m sure it doesn’t happen soon after, when his buns are still on fire. I’m hoping to give him the full ten minutes. I can’t keep letting him off the hook.

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  1. My wife and I have one thing that I am punished for, not closing the container of wet wipes in the bedroom. I swear that I don’t leave it open intentionally to get a spanking. After numerous spankings, or usually a belt whipping, I still manage to forget to close that thing!

    1. Sounds like me and my coffee pot. I never intentionally “forget.” Somehow I manage even though I have an Outlook reminder.

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