Not Good At This

Lion's box of penalties
This is the Box O’Fun. It’s filled with cards where I’ve written things to do to poor Lion.

By late afternoon, I still hadn’t come up with anything for Lion to anticipate. I didn’t want to do anal stuff just because, well, I don’t usually want to do anal stuff. The only thing I could think of was IcyHot, and I wasn’t too thrilled with that idea either. Just before dinner was done, my stomach did a backflip. Yuck. I thought it was fine until a few minutes after I was done eating. I got two really sharp pains, and it was not happy again. I have no idea what the sharp pains were about, but I never want them again.

Needless to say, the low-level I’m-afraid-to-move-lest-I-make-it-worse yuckiness put me out of commission. Once I was sure there weren’t likely to be any more sharp pains, I moved over to snuggle with Lion. He was concerned that I’d make it hurt again. I just didn’t want to make any fast movements. Maybe my inability to provide Lion with coming attractions had something to do with my impending stomach issues. If I’d promised him things, it would have been yet another time I failed to follow through.

I even promised myself I’d put the panties on the bed and instruct Lion to put them on this morning. He remains panty-free. I can’t keep a promise to myself either. At least Lion is in good company…or worse, depending how you look at it.

The other night, I thought of blindfolding him. He likes to be blindfolded. But then what? Ideally, he shouldn’t know. But I should, and I had no idea. It’s not like there aren’t things to do. I’m just out of practice. This was when the Box O’Fun came in handy. We still have it. Maybe I’ll pick something just to get the ball rolling again. For now, all I can do is tease him with the blindfold. What will happen when he can’t see? He won’t know till later.