Is Mrs. Lion A Fortune Teller?

I usually write my posts the day before they are published. This is because they are released at 5 AM my time. Sorry, I’m not getting up at 4 AM to write my post. Anyway, it’s just before noon on Saturday. So far, it’s been a quiet morning. Mrs. Lion wrote her post and asked me to read it. She may or may not be promising to make me wear panties today or tomorrow, or sometimes. It isn’t clear to me.

She wondered if my kegel exercises with an EMS machine might make anal play easier. It’s possible. The probe I use is six inches long and one inch in diameter. I lube it with conductive jelly. I have difficulty getting enough on the probe and then up my ass. I ordered a lube injector and will use that to “pave the way” for the probe. No, it doesn’t feel particularly enjoyable to use it. Anal activity is uncomfortable for me. With practice, I can learn to accept larger visitors. From time to time, Mrs. Lion likes to play back there.

She seems to have lost interest in most of the stuff we used to do. I suppose it’s natural for this to happen. Sporadic play is often more disruptive than fun for me. I also get into the habit of not being played with. I don’t necessarily welcome it when it happens the first time after a hiatus. If the next session comes within a day or two, I am prepared and welcoming.

That’s not to say I won’t enjoy the attention. I absolutely will. Do I like wearing panties? No, not particularly. They don’t fit well around my male anatomy. I’m always aware that they are on. Since nobody sees me in them, I’m not particularly embarrassed wearing them. I like the feeling of being “forced” to wear them by Mrs. Lion. I like it when she does things that demonstrate her power. That’s what makes anal play fun even though it’s uncomfortable.

Things change if she makes me go out in panties or a diaper. Then I am very aware of the potential for humiliation. During a power failure, I got the same feeling when we went to a local rec center to shower. I was very aware of my hairlessness when in the locker room and community shower. That was a few years ago. Since then, I’ve lost my shyness about that.

I suppose that if I had to wear panties all of the time, I’d stop worrying about discovery. Maybe I wouldn’t. I don’t want to find out.