Ungrateful Lion

Lion's tied balls

Mrs. Lion’s last post, “One Good Electro-Stimulator Deserves Another,” makes me sound pretty selfish. Maybe I am. In her eyes, it appears that way. [Mrs. Lion — No, not selfish. Just sending mixed signals sometimes.] She didn’t tell me that she had heartburn. She just said that she wasn’t hungry after a big lunch. She had been promising oral sex for days. [Mrs. Lion — See? I promised and didn’t deliver. That’s why I stopped promising things in emails.] If she didn’t feel up to it, I would have been very happy to wait. I didn’t get a chance to express my opinion.

It’s clear that Mrs. Lion is upset about what I wrote. Let’s face it, sex is a difficult subject to handle when things aren’t working very well. Mrs. Lion tries very hard to give me good sex. I admit that sometimes what I say I want is contradictory. She used the example of me telling her that before she starts tying up my balls or putting IcyHot on them, it helps to play with my cock and get me hard. Yesterday, I wrote that just going for my penis doesn’t work reliably. Contradictory, right?

Not exactly. Yesterday, I wrote about how I need to be prepared mentally. Since we can’t make out and do normal foreplay, coming attractions help get my motor running. I’m not contradicting myself. The coming attraction gets me ready for fun. Then, when Mrs. Lion is ready to begin the festivities, the direct stimulation will prepare me for burning balls. If I had no time to consider my upcoming fate, the penis play isn’t nearly as hot. [Mrs. Lion — I wonder how much of a coming attraction he needs. It may be even more doable without emails since I’m home. Not much can change on my 20 foot commute to the bedroom.]

My EMS electrostimulation has helped with urinary urgency, but Thursday’s orgasm was dry. About an hour later, some sticky fluid leaked out of my penis. I think it was a little semen. I have an appointment with a urologist in a couple of weeks to look into this problem. Meanwhile, the lion well is running dry.