One Good Electro-Stimulator Deserves Another

magic wand on my hard penis

Nothing pumps up the ego like hearing you’re doing a worse job than you thought you were doing. When I promised Lion things by email and didn’t follow through, he felt bad. I stopped promising. I know he doesn’t really like it when I go straight to it, but don’t I need to know if he’s interested?

If he’s breathing, he’s interested. Not so. He needs warmup just like I did. Apparently, it can’t just be playing with his weenie. That makes sense, to some extent. He likes something more than just playing with his weenie to start his engine. When I put clothespins on his balls, he tells me it would be better if I got things started by playing with his weenie first. And men say they don’t understand women.

I didn’t eat dinner last night. I had heartburn and assumed I had eaten too much for lunch. During training, we were provided with breakfast and lunch. Thursday was tacos. I didn’t think I ate too much at the time. Maybe I didn’t. Maybe it was the sauce. Maybe it was mixing the sauces. Whatever the cause, I didn’t feel like eating. I still wanted to give Lion attention, but oral didn’t seem like a great idea. For whatever reason, I brought out the Magic Wand.

I told Lion if he was doing electrical stimulation in the back, I could do it in the front. I was thinking if I got him going, maybe I could still suck him. Then I thought I’d just edge him. Then I wondered if we’d get anything from a Magic Wand orgasm. I waffled a bit between edging and orgasm.

If I gave him an orgasm last night, would he be ready for more action at some point over the weekend or would it be too soon? If I edged him, I could give him an oral orgasm tonight. Admittedly, I kept thinking yesterday was Friday, so assuming he might be down for the count made more sense.

At any rate, things were going well. I changed to a more sustainable position and kept going. Lion was having fun. He was getting closer. What the hell. Even if he couldn’t get excited again for the rest of the weekend, an orgasm is always nice. Of course, afterward, he told me he was looking forward to an oral orgasm. Can’t win. Luckily, I don’t give up easily. Or maybe I’m just stupid. Either way, he’ll have another chance to strut his stuff now that it’s actually the weekend.