I’ve been meaning to replenish our bagel supply for the past few weeks. Last weekend, I realized I could do an online order and pick it up. This appealed to me because they might be out of the flavors we like if I just went there. I finally did an online order for pickup today. We needed to get prescriptions anyway, so it was a nice outing. Now we have bagels and a loaf of challah bread to make french toast. Yum.

Lion says we haven’t been eating as well as we should. He’s craving fresh vegetables. I say he’s in the wrong season. Thankfully, grocery stores can get fresh veggies year-round. I know we’ve been eating a lot of pasta, but we’ve had salads, and we just ate beef stew with carrots and celery. I think the problem is that he doesn’t cook much anymore, and I run out of patience when it comes to cooking. It was easier when we did the meal plans. I still hated cooking them, but at least it was all laid out for me. I guess the real problem is meal planning. In short, we don’t.

I’m wondering if the lack of fresh vegetables and eating well is the thing that’s affecting Lion’s semen production. Is that possible? I think it’s possible, but is it probable? I’ll gladly cook (and eat –yuck) fresh veggies if it will restore his cream filling. Regardless, I’m sure it will make us feel better even if I don’t like eating my veggies. Ironically, as a kid, I loved spinach. Most kids don’t. However, I don’t like fresh spinach. The only vegetables I had problems with were brussels sprouts and lima beans. Guess what Lion loves. Yup. Brussels sprouts. Of course, they taste a lot better when someone other than my mother cooks them. I don’t know what she did, but they were bitter little fart balls.

For the sake of Lion feeling better, I am willing to set aside my aversion to fresh veggies. I’m hoping for increased semen production, but even if that doesn’t work, at least Lion will feel better, and he’ll be happier.

Mrs. Lion is a very kind soul. She is also very careful, to be fair. I think that the need to avoid unfairness gets in her way as a disciplinary wife. She knows how bad it feels to be treated unfairly, and she works hard to prevent that from happening to me. The problem is that when one is working very hard to be fair, the only offenses that are comfortable to punish are objective failures. Failing to set up the coffee pot is a perfect example.

It’s binary. The pot is either ready to brew coffee, or it isn’t. If it isn’t, I get spanked. Easy-peasy! My new rule is also binary. If I spill anything on the comforter, I get punished. The spill is either there, or it isn’t. Binary. She gets into trouble with the offense is subjective. She discussed this problem in a recent post (“Listen To Me“). She talked about some things that annoyed her. She weighed them in her mind and decided it would be unfair to punish me for them.

We instituted “Just Because” spankings to address the offenses that Mrs. Lion couldn’t bring herself to punish because they might not be all my fault. She could have been upset with someone from work. The dog could have been getting on her nerves. I may not have heard what she said—lots of reasons to avoid spanking me.

This is a problem all parents face. It is always easy to punish rule infractions but very hard to punish “soft” misdemeanors. The problem is even more difficult for a disciplinary wife. I’ve been giving this a lot of thought. It’s been nearly a month since Mrs. Lion got out the spanking bench.

It boils down to a couple of choices. She can choose to err on the side of a sore bottom instead of letting things go because they may not be entirely my fault. Or, she can become like the NFL and have a 400-page rule book. There’s a distinct advantage to working out rules for subjective infractions. It makes enforcement easier. Flags drop on the play without a need for nuance. The challenge is how to define the rules so that we avoid subjective ambiguity. That’s the real problem.

For example, Mrs.Lion set a rule that I get spanked if I interrupt her. She’s written about many offenses but almost never punishes them. She doesn’t trust her call on the play. Maybe I thought she paused to let me respond. Maybe it wasn’t all my fault. Nothing binary there. She’s not alone. From what I’ve read, almost every disciplinary wife has a struggle with subject fouls.

I think there is a way to help correct this. Why not an “always his fault” rule? The way that works is very simple and binary. If I interrupt, I get punished. It doesn’t matter why I did it. I get spanked. This is good for both of us. It makes the “catch the lion” game more fun for Mrs. Lion. More importantly, it teaches me not to step on her lines. This will help me with others as well.

Another very difficult annoyance to enforce is not listening. This is the easiest offense to overlook. It’s almost trivial to rationalize why I didn’t hear what Mrs. Lion said. I was distracted. I had the TV on too loud. I was listening but didn’t understand. The problem is that all of these are reasonable excuses. We’re talking about flags on the play. If the ref, Mrs. Lion, sees it, she needs to throw the yellow flag and get out the spanking bench.

What’s the worst that can happen? I get a spanking I don’t deserve. Wait! I like the idea of being spanked. We both believe that frequent spankings are good for both of us. Win-win, right? The struggle to be fair reduces opportunities to spank me. We both agree that she needs more opportunities, not less.

“Oops, you interrupted me” is no worse than, “Oops, the coffee pot isn’t set up.” The same is true of, “Oops, you weren’t listening.” It isn’t very important why I failed to do what I should. I did it, and we both know what that means. We’ve also learned that over time my behavior changes. I learn. I do need reminders. Mrs. Lion is happy to provide them.

It’s time to be as binary about “subjective” offenses as she is about the concrete rules. We will both profit if she is.

I really thought Lion had had more orgasms in January. I guess the month got away from me between his being sick and my being sick or achy. Neither of us was sick last night. I could have spanked him or edged him. If I’d spanked him, it would have been too late to edge him. I think I chose wisely. [Lion — I have had more orgasms in January. When I recorded last night’s, I noticed that I’d had four so far this month. That’s double my average for the last six months.]

Despite it only being three days since his previous orgasm, Lion was ready to roll. I’m sure it helped that I tied his balls up. They looked heart-shaped when I was done. Lion wondered if I should take a picture. I’m not sure it would have come across in a picture, so I declined. His balls bounced as I yanked on him. It took a little while, but I finally got him close. And then, just like that, I stopped. Awww…what did I do that for? It was very close. I thought I’d gone too far at first.

Before I even got him near the edge, I was trying to decide if I wanted to suck him. I didn’t want to lose the ground I’d gained, so I continued with my hand. I wasn’t even sure I was going to give him an orgasm. Then I decided to keep going, both for the sake of the goal and because Lion hasn’t been producing much semen. When I suck him, it’s hard to tell if he hasn’t made much or if I’ve swallowed it already. I wanted to see if he’d produce anything.

Sadly, he didn’t. A few minutes afterward, he said there was a small amount leaking out. Not enough for an appetizer. Humph. I love his cream filling. Where is my cream filling? I need to figure out what vitamin or food creates semen. I hope it’s not raisins. Lion hates them. I keep threatening to make him eat some. Wouldn’t it be horrible if it really is raisins that produce semen? I wonder if he’d eat them. He’s worried about the lack of semen too. Somehow, I don’t think he’s that worried.

Every day this week, I’ve written about expected disciplinary or sexual activities. I’ve been wrong every time. I’m not complaining. Something seems to come up every day. As of Thursday, my last spanking was 27 days ago. We both agree that is too much time between sessions. It isn’t that I’m running wild. The problem is more subtle. We’re both less and less likely to get back to our disciplinary lifestyle.

Sexual activity is also lagging. Mrs. Lion wanted to get me off about once a week. I’ve had two orgasms in January. There are only four days left in the month, and my last orgasm was just three days ago. That makes it questionable if I can have more than one more this month. That isn’t a big deal at all. Mrs. Lion set the once-a-week orgasm goal as a way to get us more sexually active. Nothing bad will happen if we miss.

Mrs. Lion has been achy many evenings. By the time she deals with dinner, she’s not feeling ready to do anything with me. We’ve talked about doing things earlier. Since she works from home, she’s ten feet away from me when she punches out at 5 PM. Still, nothing gets started before nine or 9:30. She argues that dinner and chores get in the way. To some extent, that’s true. It’s also that sex and spanking simply aren’t priorities.

I don’t want to put pressure on her. If she needs time to unwind, she should have it. We have to figure out how to make it easier to do what we both agree is important. I’m not exactly anxious to be spanked again. But I know I need it. This tapering off of kinky activity is why most sex blogs fade away. Posts get less and less frequent until the blog is gone. We won’t let that happen, I hope.