It’s Not As Crazy As You Think

Mrs. Lion’s new leather “paddle.” Actually, it’s a strap.

If you saw Mrs. Lion’s post yesterday, you heard that I got my first spanking in a month. I regretted prodding Mrs. Lion into spanking me. As she began, I was truly sorry that I asked her to punish me when needed. I was even sorrier that I reminded her that it had been a long time since my last visit with her spanking bench.

Are you sensing some hypocrisy here? Here I am, a big-time advocate of domestic discipline, writer of endless posts encouraging my wife to paddle me (my autocorrect changed that to “saddle me,” not bad either.), whining about being spanked. The irony isn’t lost on me. It isn’t lost on Mrs. Lion either. From what I’ve read, I’m not unusual.

The obvious reason someone would want to be spanked is that it is erotic. Many women who want to be spanked get direct arousal from the beating. Some can orgasm during a spanking without any genital stimulation. Some guys remain erect throughout a severe spanking. That’s the exception. Most men, including me, lose their erections (if they had one in the first place) shortly after the action begins.

It’s this loss of arousal that confuses many spanking partners. It also confuses the guys. Mrs. Lion has been spanking me for years, and I still don’t understand why I can get hard thinking about being spanked yet truly want to escape when I’m strapped to the spanking bench. It doesn’t make sense. One more reason why women shake their heads when confronted by male behavior.

Lest you think all of this discussion is about a tiny percentage of men, let me point out that in study after study, over 85 percent of men and 87 percent of women dream about spanking. The vast majority dream about being spanked. No, they don’t dream about it every night, but they dream about it often enough to remember.

There’s an obvious erotic connection between spanking and sex. If your bottom is bare, it’s like your naughty bits are too. Someone doing something to your tender bottom is very close to the area that’s the most fun. It’s normal to dream about spanking,  yet it’s not-so-normal to be spanked as an adult. Puritan values!

I can’t deny that being spanked is erotic for me to think about. I can’t deny that I like thinking about a spanking I’ve received. I also can’t deny that I am more interested in sex after a spanking. Well, not right after one, but soon after. Mrs. Lion knows that. Sometimes it isn’t front of mind for her. When she remembers, she is extremely effective. Hopefully, she will remember more often.

By the way, the new “long leather paddle” she refers to is a thick strap. It’s flexible and about 15-inches long. It’s made from two pieces of thick leather that have been glued and sewed together. She is mastering its use. Maybe I can offer a lesson on using it. Stupid lion!