Tune Up


Lion harangued a spanking out of me. I know I should have done it sooner. If he hadn’t done anything to deserve it, I should have done a “just because” spanking. And I learned something about the new rule. Maybe it’s not fair. If I suspended the rule about eating first because he can’t see if I’ve eaten, then giving him a rule about spilling on the bed, when he can’t see if he’s in danger of knocking things over, isn’t such a good rule. It would be similar to my making a rule against his falling down. He doesn’t try to fall down. It just happens. I guess I’m back to the drawing board in the rule department.

I moved the spanking bench into the bedroom. It doesn’t fit very well where Lion thought it could go. I’ll have to play around with it. We may have to swap the hamper and the bench around. We’ll get it worked out. His principle is sound, at least as far as getting it out of the pantry and closer to where it’s used is concerned. Theoretically, his buns will get more spankings. Let’s see if it works.

As for last night, in about five minutes, I had him howling. I started out with the newest leather paddle. I still need some practice with it because it’s a little too long. If you ask Lion, he’ll probably say it didn’t stop me from hitting him hard. However, when I switched to the shorter leather paddle, I hit even harder. I think I saw the beginnings of little dots of blood forming. I must have been whomping him good for that to happen. Our theory has been that leather paddles don’t make him bleed. Maybe that’s not true. It’s possible they can if I hit hard enough. I’m not trying to make him bleed. It just always happened with the wood paddles.

Because he was yelling so much, and it had been such a long time since his tender cheeks had felt the sting of a paddle, I decided to take it easy on the poor lion. I asked him how long he thought I’d been spanking him. He said it was too long. He tends to say that no matter how long I swat him. He was red and I figured he’d feel it for a few hours. I think it was a good re-introduction to spanking.

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  1. When you get punished, it always seems like it lasts longer than it really is.

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