This morning, I made an unusual commute to work. We had a meeting for the whole team. These meetings are rarely for the whole team. It usually highlights something this department did or what the other department is about to do. This time, however, it was, at least in part, about the new software we are about to use. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t as boring as the other meetings. Afterward, I had a training session during which I found out just how distasteful my job will become once we transition. At first, nothing much will change for me. Then I’ll be working out of both the old and the new system. Blech! I’m not looking forward to that.

I picked up lunch on the way home and we spent a little while together. We haven’t been apart for that long in ages. I normally run out to pick up prescriptions or do other shopping and I’m home in an hour or so. This was over five hours. I’m now back at my home office desk and I’m realizing how tired I am. I didn’t sleep well. I knew I had to be up a little earlier than usual and that throws me off. Lion said I was snoring loudly, so he didn’t get much sleep.

On the way home, I was trying to decide what I should do with Lion tonight. He may not be horny yet, but that doesn’t mean he won’t enjoy something. I mean, he won’t like IcyHot. He never likes that. But he does love to have his balls tied up. That’s something that he’d like whether or not he was in the mood for anything else. I’ll know pretty much right away if he’s enjoying himself. We can proceed from there.

Of course, it’s always possible we’ll be too tired to do much of anything. I know I will be unless I get my second wind.

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