Guilt-Free Sex

Here we are in our ninth year of blogging, and we still haven’t figured out how to handle sex. Yes, we know how to do it. The problem is when. Mrs. Lion is implacable when it comes to spanking me. If I break a rule, I’m spanked. It doesn’t matter if I want to see a special TV show. The spanking bench comes out, and I get paddled.

When it comes to sex, there is no sense of urgency. If I seem interested in a TV show, it must mean I don’t want sex. If I’m under the blankets, I’m surely not in the mood. Mrs. Lion says that I should let her know if I’m horny. We’re back to that again. I was in big trouble initiating when Mrs. Lion wanted sex for herself. I find it impossible now.

Do I let her know if she says she has a headache? What about when she’s under the covers because she’s cold? I know she doesn’t like to do things when her hair is wet. Wait! She’s busy with her iPad. Is it fair to tear her away from it? I’m starting from a position of extreme weakness. I’m asking for sex just for myself. Sex is work for her and fun for me. She has to do enough just to help me with daily activities. Sex has to be on the “optional” list.

Of course, after five or six days of no sex, it’s safe to assume I’m horny. It’s also safe to assume that I can be tired and horny simultaneously. I can be interested in a TV show and horny. I can eat dinner and be horny. I’m a multitasker! Also, if I’m into a cool TV show, I can always pause it. We’re over 20 years past needing to see TV live.

Mrs. Lion writes that she believes that I need to do something to let her know when I want sex. Fair enough, except that she drops everything to give it to me when I do. Boy, does that make me feel guilty. You can see where we are stuck. Stay tuned.

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  1. It was in some kind of movie: if the sash is untied, then it is ready for sex.

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