Don’t Move

My favorite view

We have no idea how he did it, but Lion hurt his back yesterday. Was he sitting wrong? Did he tweak it when the psycho dog was jumping on him? Not a clue. He took some Tylenol and got in bed. He was snoozing while I made dinner. For some reason, Tylenol puts him to sleep. He was able to sit up and eat and get himself snuggled back under the covers, so he seemed a little better.

After my shower, I moved close to him and told him I just wanted to be near, and it was if his back hurt too much to snuggle. He said a little snuggling and fondling would be fine. He couldn’t move around too much. I knew he wouldn’t be stretching out across the bed for oral attention. I was worried about touching him at all. We snuggled for a while, and I played with my weenie. Lion purred and told me he liked it. Eventually, I had to move because watching TV and snuggling has me in a weird position looking back over my shoulder.

There’s been no mention of back pain this morning. Whatever he did to hurt it must have undone itself. Right now, he’s mumbling at the computer, doing our taxes. But I see no reason the festivities can’t resume tonight. I believe he’s due for another orgasm. I don’t think he’d argue if I “demanded” one. Assuming his back is better, he’ll probably be out of the bed to get in position so fast he’ll be a blur. I never see him move as fast as when I ask if he wants oral sex. “Yes, Ma’am!” and then a Lion-sized blur is laying across the bed, spread eagle.

I like the view when he’s ready for oral sex. My balls and weenie are ready for attention. The only view that’s better is when he’s bending over in front of me, and his balls are hanging down. Yum!

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  1. Offering oral sex can be part of therapy for a Lion.

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