What’s the Plan?

I am still trying to get caught up from last week. We’re in the process of changing computer systems at work and there’s a huge communication gap that results in my looking for files in an area that is being moved. No one told me. I chased my tail for over a day. This morning, I was able to get a little caught up but then Lion wanted me to call for info about my IRA, we started the robot vacuum, a friend at work was doing some training on the new system and wanted my help with the quizzes, the vacuum kept needing attention, and the dog started barking at the vacuum. I find myself feeling frazzled. The sane part of my mind says I can only do so much and not to worry about the rest. The anxiety-riddled part of my brain is running around with its head on fire. I’ll be fine as long as I don’t look too closely at my inbox that has at least nine emails that need attention.

Our appetites have been off for a few days. We got Chinese food Thursday night as a way to break up the monotony of the same old dinners. On the way back from the doctor on Friday, we picked up KFC. By rights, we should have finished off the leftovers from both by now. We weren’t really hungry Saturday night or last night. We still have KFC, but I’m wondering if it’s been sitting too long to be good now. I don’t want to start another episode of tummy troubles for either of us.

Last night we waited a long time to decide we only wanted sandwiches for dinner. We were also watching football. We didn’t care about either team, but we really like football so it was hard to turn it off even though the game was over long before we started watching. I took a shower and then I played with my weenie for a little while. I’m sure Lion was interested in more, but I didn’t continue. Tonight, I hope things will be “normal”. We’ll eat earlier and play earlier. Maybe I’ll have a plan in place to get him more excited. He might even get a happy ending. I know he’s hoping for it.