Staying In Bed Isn’t Always Fun

I didn’t think Lion was feeling very well yesterday. He came out of his office around 11 am and climbed in bed. The climbing in bed part wasn’t unusual. The time was. He normally comes out for lunch and then goes back into his office for the “afternoon session” of writing. Not only was he early climbing in bed, he didn’t want much for lunch. This is after not eating dinner the night before.

After lunch he stayed in bed. Around 4, he ventured out to take a shower and went back to bed. He was tired and his stomach was bothering him. He didn’t want anything for dinner. His stomach was really hurting. He was moving very slowly. He said he didn’t do the coffee pot. I wasn’t about to make him go all the way to the kitchen when it was evident he was having trouble just making it into the bathroom. He felt bad about not being able to do it. I would have done it even if he’d forgotten. Eventually he ate part of a piece of toast.

This morning he felt better. I’m sure he thought he was 100% since feeling better than death does that to a person. I still made a calm breakfast. It’s lunchtime now and he says his stomach is still off. He doesn’t want anything to eat, but asked for some tea. Yup. My Lion is sick. We can’t figure out how he could have gotten sick if neither of us has been out for at least a week. I guess a little bug must have been festering for a while. I’m supposed to be going out in a little while, but I’m not sure I should leave him. He’s not exactly decrepit, but he might need help.

Even if he feels completely better later, I doubt there will be any joy in Lionville tonight. He needs to rest and take it easy. And I’ll do the coffee pot again just to make sure he doesn’t need to venture far from bed.


  1. Sounds like he caught something all right. When i don’t want anything to eat, and all i want is tea, it’s Sickville. Did you get any house delivery from one of the food delivery services? Accept any pkgs. at your door and the delivery man wasn’t masked? To me it sounds like a stomach virus or stomach flu. To be on the safe side maybe he should be tested with a home Covid test.

    1. Author

      No human contact with anyone for over a week. He’s on the mend now.

      1. Glad he’s on the mend!

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