It Isn’t Reversable

I don’t write as much as I used to about male chastity. When it was new, I was fascinated by the feelings of being locked in a chastity device evoked. Desire was amplified. I wanted to ejaculate now! Over time, those feelings subsided. Wearing a steel device around my penis became less of a novelty. It was just part of me. I stopped thinking about jerking off. I still got horny. My penis would try to get hard inside its cage. That amused Mrs. Lion.

Eventually, that stopped too. I only got hard when Mrs. Lion stimulated me after removing the device. After three years of continuous lockup, I forgot that I could get myself off. That’s a good thing because my lioness forbids it. Sans hardware, my chastity is enforced by Mrs. Lion’s power. I’ve forgotten what it’s like to get myself off. I haven’t done it since December 2013.

If you fantasize about this sort of sexual control, you may want to rethink your kink. Based on my experience, there’s no turning back once you go this way. I am not controlling my desire to get myself off with willpower or commitment to my lioness. I am no longer interested in doing it. If she asked me to jerk off, I doubt I would be successful. I’ve been conditioned away from self-gratification.

The same is true of domestic discipline. For the first few years, it was sexy fun. Well, I didn’t get turned on by being spanked, but I got excited thinking about it. I sometimes get aroused thinking about spanking, but it is an infrequent event. Punishment is simply part of our marriage. Most of the readers of this blog probably consider spanking sexually motivated. That’s normal and a very good incentive to keep up with the practice.

Eventually, DD becomes a routine activity. If I break a rule or annoy Mrs. Lion, I get spanked. There is no fuss or ceremony. She brings out the spanking bench. I lie on it, and she straps me down. Then, I get my punishment. One offense gets me ten minutes of strong spanking. Additional offenses earn me an additional five minutes for each one.

There is nothing fun about it. Mrs. Lion considers spanking me as a task she does routinely. It doesn’t turn her on. She isn’t moved by how much the spanking hurts me. I usually make a lot of noise that she ignores.

My point is that if you consistently do something, it will eventually become a routine part of your life. Be careful what you ask for.