The Good And The Bad Of 2022

Sorry about not posting yesterday. I was deep in author mode. I’m sending queries off to try to get an agent. This is massively frustrating. Without a personal recommendation, the odds of landing one are near zero. I don’t want to self-publish. Promoting a book on my own doesn’t work at all. I like to write, but I hate dealing with the business side. This is odd since my career has been management consulting. If you know a literary agent looking for a woman’s/romance novel, please consider helping me.

You won’t be surprised that nothing sexual has been happening. Between the psycho dog and the drain of all this literary work, sex hasn’t been on the table, er bed, at all. I’m still waiting for Mrs. Lion to test-drive our new leather restraints. The dog will have to be banished before that is attempted.

I feel badly for the dog. She doesn’t understand why we get so upset. We fired the expensive dog trainer we hired. The program he suggested would take over four hours a day. We don’t have that much time. He suggested we send her to boarding school for training. Well, I went to boarding school. Maybe she should too. Before we go that far, we will try on our own. Perhaps the combination of consistent effort and her natural maturing process will get us past this difficult time.

Mrs. Lion promises more orgasms in 2022. You might be surprised to learn that I support her efforts. I am just being silly. An orgasm a week is a nice step up from two a month. We’ll see if I end up with 52 in the new year. I’ve had one so far on New Year’s Day. We haven’t talked about domestic discipline. I expect that will continue as it has in the past. Now that Mrs. Lion has a heavy leather strap, I may get the pain without bleeding. I don’t mind the blood. It gets in her way. How nice for her to eliminate it.


    1. Author

      Thank you. Paws crossed.

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