Our Next Trip Around The Sun

Welcome to 2022. We celebrated our New Year’s Eve quietly at home. Mrs. Lion and I cooked a pot roast. I am writing this late NYE afternoon. So far, I remain unspanked and unwanked. I’m not sure that Mrs. Lion will be executing her spank and wank plan. It’s nearly 5 PM now, and I am just getting ready to take a shower. It won’t hurt my feelings if the spanking is postponed.

Years are artificial marks of time passing. There are no laws of physics that suggest one revolution around the sun has any significance. We humans just like to count them. The last two trips haven’t been so good. The pandemic still has us in its grip. The current variant appears to produce milder symptoms in most people. The vaccines are working. I hope we can put COVID in the rearview mirror on the next trip. It won’t go away, but maybe it will be like measles and become rare.

During this new trip around the sun, I hope to sell a book. I realize that my chances aren’t very good, but I’ve been bucking odds my entire life. I agree with Mrs. Lion about New Year’s resolutions. There’s nothing magical about January first. Like her, as opportunities to do better present themselves, I will try to take advantage of them.

As I wave goodbye to December, I can say that I’ve been very lucky. Neither of us got sick, we had enough to eat, and we are very happy with our life together. I hope that I can say the same thing next December. We both hope that you are safe and happy too. I look forward to sharing our next trip around the sun with you.