The yoga pillow arrived yesterday. It was vacuum packed and looked like it would never get to the right size. I left it alone while I made dinner. Lion was snoozing so there was no rush to show him. By the time I was done with the dinner dishes it was fully “inflated”. It’s fairly firm so it may actually do what we need it to do. Next time Lion has to be spanked, we’ll check it out.

After my shower, I snuggled in close to Lion. As I rubbed my weenie, I heard the unmistakable sound of Lion snoozing. His eyes were closed and then he started snoring. I moved away from him to get in a more comfortable position. He woke up a few minutes later and said he wasn’t sleeping. It must have been the dog being a ventriloquist.

The way I figure it, and I may be wrong, is that if he falls asleep while I’m trying to get him excited, he must not be interested. Of course, if he’s really tired then it’s understandable. He was snoozing when I walked in from work. He was snoozing while I made dinner. I don’t think he was really tired. He’s said in the past that he falls asleep because he’s bored. I get that. In general. But if I’m trying to get him excited he shouldn’t be bored. And if he’s bored then he’s really not interested.

I think maybe we have to determine why he falls asleep so easily, especially since he’s not aware he’s even doing it. Maybe it’s worth a trip to the doctor. He may have sleep apnea, although I was diagnosed with it and I woke up more with the mask on than without it and I felt exactly the same. It seemed ridiculous to be woken up more by the “cure” so I stopped using it. I don’t want to add another malady to Lion’s list but it might be something serious.

Tonight we’re heading to Costco. We’ll get back late and I don’t think either of us will be in the mood for love. Perhaps tomorrow we’ll try the yoga pillow. I hope it works.

My first novel. Click here if you want to preview or buy.

Nobody is reading my book. This isn’t helping my ego. The people I know who read it liked it. One of my Twitter friends bought it and read it. She’s a professional editor. She told me the book was “entertaining.” I loved that. The problem is probably the blurb on Amazon. I’m not very good at that. I tried advertising on Amazon. Apparently, I’m not selecting the right keywords. Sorry to whine. I knew it wouldn’t be easy. It’s just hard to write a second book when the first one isn’t being read.

I’m not writing about this because I want to whine and get sympathy. I would love to sell more books. The price for the digital book is only $2.99. I don’t think it’s too expensive to take the risk of reading it. However, there is something I’m worrying about: Are there too many sex scenes, especially kinky scenes that include the male protagonist being spanked by his partner? Would it be smarter to keep the sex to standard, straight sex? You know, vaginal and oral sex instead of spanking?

I don’t feel a moral imperative to spread the word about female domination. I like writing about it. The main plot of the book doesn’t need the spanking at all. The second book-in-progress has some lesbian sex in it. I’m seriously considering dropping it. Mrs. Lion likes the first book but hesitates to push it to her Facebook friends. Is it embarrassing to admit you read a book with spanking in it? Fifty Shades of Grey included female spanking. No one minds admitting to enjoying that book.

I’m thinking and writing about this because I want to write books that Mrs. Lion and her vanilla friends can read and recommend. If I remove the spanking scenes from Fan Mail, will it be safe to tell her friends about it? It isn’t that I need to promote F/m relationships. I’m in one, but I’m not evangelical about it. Obviously, if you are reading this blog, you have an interest in it. That’s fine. I’m pretty sure you don’t share this interest with friends and relatives.

If the book didn’t talk about male submission and spanking and kept the hot sex scenes, would you tell your friends about it? I want to sell books. What do you think?

The other day, while I was waxing Lion, he got very excited when I started jerking him off. I had a lot of oil on him. Things were very slippery. I noticed that he seemed to be at the perfect height. My back wasn’t hurting. However, I had another side of Lion to wax so I couldn’t dawdle.

That night, he said he was amazed at how excited he’d gotten. He theorized that it was a combination of the oil and the angle that did it. I decided to see if we could recreate it in the bedroom. It wasn’t really a surprise when we couldn’t. First of all, I wasn’t using oil. It was a water based lube. I’m not sure if silicone based would have worked better or not. Maybe it really does have to be oil. The second problem was the angle. I was sitting next to him. I was twisted and my back was starting to hurt. Standing next to him was worse.

I’ve suggested we could use the waxing table again to see if we can recreate his excitement. Getting oil all over the place isn’t an issue and the angle will be better. I also realized I don’t know which hand I was using. Lion wondered what the difference was. I think it depends on whether my fingertips are on the bottom or top of his penis. On the bottom, they can hit all the good spots.

Aside from the oil and angle, I wonder if the change of scenery made him excited. Maybe it was the fact that I was touching him all over when I applied the oil to get residual wax off. It could be any number of things. It will be fun trying to figure out what works. I love experimenting on Lion. He’s such a willing test subject.

I wonder if you think about who I am. A blog originally was supposed to be a sort of online diary. Its value kept growing when people discovered it was a good way to provide updated information on a wide variety of subjects. I think its most interesting use is allowing regular people the ability to express themselves publicly. You might consider this an ego exercise. You’re probably right. After all, why should I believe anyone cares about my life?

It turns out that a lot of people care about my sex life. It’s unusual enough to be interesting to sex tourists and at the same time useful to others who share my particular kinks. In almost 5000 posts, Mrs. Lion and I have focused on our unusual sexual practices, and here and there, some information about who we are as people has leaked out. I wonder if these leaks are considered annoyances to our readers.

Sometimes I wonder exactly why I write this blog. Sure, we have many regular readers and lots of people who end up here by searching for information about male chastity, female-led relationships, and spanking. I read a lot of blogs. Mrs. Lion doesn’t read any. A good deal of the blogs I read are similar to ours. They recount the adventures of the authors. A few embellished the details to make the reading spicier. Bloggers tend to be the most faithful readers of our blog. It’s a kind of silent network. You don’t have to be a blogger to join the network. All you have to do is regularly read blogs that interest you.

Probably the most interesting thing about long-term blog reading is watching the evolution of the writers. Many of us started out writing about our subject of interest at the beginning of our adventure with it. That’s what we did. As we evolved and took wrong turns, made course corrections and super blunders, our readers got to watch.

In the beginning, I tended to pontificate about male chastity. I thought I was the bee’s knees. Most of the time, the advice wasn’t bad, but the test of time has proven that I didn’t get it all right. It’s a little embarrassing to read back to my 2014 posts. I was so definite then. I knew exactly how things would turn out. Boy, was I wrong. Take male chastity, for example; I thought it was centered around wearing a chastity device and nearly constant frustration. I actually imagined it was a lifestyle. I figured that orgasm control would somehow define a female-powered relationship. I figured sex was that important.

Sex is only important when you are so horny it’s all you can think about. When you are satisfied, other things come into focus. I had no idea how powerful the training aspect of male chastity turned out to be. Before we started, I masturbated two or three times a week. I won’t go through the details of our sex life at that time. Let me say that Mrs. Lion and I weren’t having much sex. Masturbation was pretty much my only release. We had never talked about this subject. When I first asked her to lock me up, the topic came up. I don’t remember why we started discussing it. She was shocked to learn that I jerked off.

Suddenly, male chastity took on a new feature: I was never to masturbate again. Mrs. Lion made it clear that she wasn’t talking about times when locked into a chastity device. She meant all the time, hardware or no hardware. Like most guys, I really enjoyed the occasional wank. I was taken aback by Mrs. Lion’s pronouncement. It was moot at the time since she was keeping me locked in a male chastity device 24/7. I couldn’t jerk off if I wanted to. For the first three years, this was the case. Things changed a little when I needed shoulder surgery. The device came off. While I was healing, I was in no mood for sex of any kind. When I finally wanted to ejaculate again, the idea of doing it myself never occurred to me. To this day, I don’t masturbate.

If you are a female reader, you may not fully understand how profound this change is. Very few men don’t jerk off. Even guys in male chastity devices will frequently rub one out when they get a chance. Many keyholders don’t care and instruct their partners to jerk off when released from their devices. Anyway, the fact that I don’t masturbate is not a big deal anymore. It’s just a fact of my life. Only when I think about it, do I realize how powerful that change really is.

Despite this, I also understand that male chastity is a game. It’s a game many men enjoy. I’m not sure women understand why, but some, like Mrs. Lion, are willing to play anyway. There’s something about the way men are wired that makes turning over orgasm control really hot. I’ve known some women that like that too. Most just get annoyed at the thought. A lot of guys get annoyed that male chastity is a game. Even more, get annoyed when I refer to domestic discipline the same way.

Virtually all domestic discipline and male chastity are introduced into the relationship by the man. I have not heard of a single case where a woman decided to spank her husband for breaking a rule. In fact, I’m not sure any women imposed rules before being asked by their husbands to do it. It’s taken me years to realize that Mrs. Lion will never consider domestic discipline as a key element of our marriage. It’s a game she plays because I want it.

Don’t get me wrong. It still has value. I get turned on by the idea of having to obey Mrs. Lion and get punished for failing. The rules she has set out aren’t emotionally important to her but allow her to change my behavior and punish me when needed. For example, one of my rules is to wait until she begins eating before I start. This is just good manners, but I would begin eating as soon as I got the food. She got very good at observing my behavior and catching me. I got quite a few spankings for breaking that rule. I rarely eat before her now.

It turns out that she likes catching me. She doesn’t particularly like to spank me, but it doesn’t bother her to do it. I’ve asked her to enforce more personal rules, like not interrupting her. She’s found this very difficult. I understand she plans to work on this. I know that other couples deal with larger problems with domestic discipline. From what I can glean, it isn’t very successful. It seems to me that it’s still a game.

Maybe one reason we’ve been able to keep this up for over seven years is that we don’t imagine that sexual control or domestic discipline are significant parts of our marriage. They are just things we do. Don’t get me wrong that doesn’t mean my spankings are just symbolic or the rules made are silly. My punishments are real and painful. Mrs. Lion approaches them the same way she approaches playing any game: she does her best to perfect her technique.

From my perspective, our evolution has moved in almost opposite directions over the years. We’ve come to realize that what we are doing is playing games. At the same time, the games have become much more realistic. It’s no joke when Mrs. Lion punishes me. She’s completely serious about it. My rules are enforced. I get to have an orgasm only when Mrs. Lion decides I should. In other words, our games are continuous, and I can’t call a timeout.

You could argue that maybe it’s really not a game anymore if that’s the way we play. It is. Mrs. Lion gets to decide how seriously she wants to play. I can ask her to be more strict. She doesn’t have to. Anyway, compare this with what I wrote in 2014. My approach is very different, even if the practice is still the same.