Oh, the Weather Outside is Frightful

It’s raining right now, but we’re supposed to get very cold temperatures starting tonight. They are forecasting the lowest temperatures in a decade. We normally stay in the forties during the winter, but once a year, we get a cold snap. We’ll get snow that we would have laughed at in New York. Four inches? Is that all? We may shovel it, but we may also just get in the car and go to work. Here, four inches of snow paralyzes entire cities. I assume the stores are out of milk and bread and every other commodity needed if people are holed up until March. Of course, some of the shelves were already empty because of supply issues.

When we lived in our other house, we knew what to expect. We’d lived there long enough to know that branches, if not whole trees, would be down. The power would probably go out. Our road was a tertiary road, at best, and wouldn’t get plowed. We’ve only lived here for two years. It’s a crapshoot what to expect. Our town is tiny, but our road is fairly well-traveled. It will certainly be mashed down into a drivable surface if it doesn’t get plowed. The power may go out, but since the population is clustered together, it probably won’t be out for days. Still, it’s nice that we have a generator. Thankfully, the dog’s food was delivered, so she’s all set. We have treats. Lion and I have enough food and treats of our own, so we’re all set—just one small, happy family.

Lion thought he was horny yesterday. The dog has been acting crazier than usual. By the time he dealt with her jumping on him, he was no longer in the mood. Stupid dog. He suggested we start our activities earlier in the day. Even if the dog goes nutso, we still have a shot at some quality Lion time. Sounds good to me. It can snow and get cold outside all it wants. Bring on the erection!