Mrs. Lion wrote that she might be burned out when it comes to sex with me. I understand. It’s been at least five years since she’s wanted sex for herself. Recently, the rambunctious puppy and my reduced vision have added to her household workload. We’ve gone from sexual/BDSMactivity once every day or two to once a week or less. She has more contact with my bottom than with my penis.

I’m not whining. I get it. I wouldn’t say I like it, but I get it. I’m sure it is as frustrating for her as it is for me. She prefers to spend her free time playing games or reading Facebook. It bears out my theory that sex isn’t much fun when you are just giving and not getting. I admit that I’ve been worn out by the dog and my efforts to write fiction. At this point, I’m wondering if writing is a good direction for me to go.

Mrs. Lion characterizes the decline in my orgasms as me learning to be less spoilt. It isn’t like I have any choice in the matter. I think it is more Mrs. Lion learning to ration my ejaculations more sparingly. I think she believes that my lack of complaining is a sign that I’m not as spoiled as I used to be. Maybe. I think it is more that I am resigned to my lot in life. I now know that I’m not a free-range lion. I accept her ownership of my penis. I don’t always like it, but I accept it.