No Spanking Yet and Yes, Julie, There Is Global Warming

I escaped a spanking on Friday. Mrs. Lion wrote about her reasons in her post, “Reprieve.” I was happy she decided to put it off. She’s right that the lesson is more powerful if administered close to the infraction. It tends to feel a bit abstract when time passes. I’m writing this on Friday afternoon. Mrs. Lion finished work three hours ago and played on her computer. She doesn’t seem tired. (Darn!)

It’s been four days since my last orgasm. We haven’t done anything sexual since then. At this rate, we’ll finish the twelve orgasms of Christmas sometime in February. That’s fine with me. I’ve been reading other blogs with interest. Julie, of, wrote a recent post praising her political god, Donald Trump (“Was Trump Really That Bad?“). For the record, Julie is Canadian. I don’t understand her love of him and his policies, particularly when they have socialized medicine and controlled prescription drug prices in her country. She’s never suggested repealing them.

I’m a moderate Democrat. I like the idea of paying about half-price for drugs. I am enough of a humanist to believe all of our citizens should get good medical care. I’m not going to go through the non-issues point-by-point. I’m writing about this because her husband apparently had enough. According to her next post, “Spanked for Being a ‘Sharp-Tongued Little Wench,’” she received a strong OTK spanking.

She seemed to enjoy it way too much for it to change her behavior for long. He was particularly annoyed at her sharp words to guys who commented on her post. I didn’t think she crossed any lines there. I do take issue with the “fake news” approach she uses when making her case. What set me off were the statements suggesting our elections were fraudulent.

Sorry, but her “facts” are lies. She argues that the mail-in ballots heavily favored black and Hispanic voters who wanted Biden. She offers this as proof of Democrat fraud. It really proves that poorer Americans (not Canadians) find it very difficult to jump over the hurdles that white state legislatures put in their way when they have to find polling places. Audit after audit proved there was no voter fraud.

Why does this upset me? It just shows that there is no shortage of people who will lie to advance their points of view. I have a big problem with college-educated people continuing to believe that there is no global warming. Maybe it’s the quality of a liberal arts education that gets in the way. The facts are obvious and accepted by scientists around the world. Just look at the mean global temperature charts for the last hundred years. Talk to a real scientist.

Most of all, try to realize that there are serious problems that we need to solve. We don’t need buffoons like Trump to distract us.


  1. Hi Lion,
    I have enjoyed many of your contributions on Dan’s blog` but this post excels in capturing and tagging so much of the political garbage, spite and hate that Julie praters on about on her blog. She does lie and shamelessly uses her intellect to distort and deceive.

    So, thank you for calling her out and using the prestige of your blog to do it. I think the thing that offend most about Julie is how she misses her obvious intelligence, literary skills and energy to mislead and demagogue. And she is a genuine spanko as far as I can see. That may be most disappointing of all. Thank you again


    1. Author

      Thanks Alan. I like you comments too. The blog Alan mentions is The Disciplinary Couples Club. I really enjoy reading your comments too. I did not intend to attack Julie. She and I are friends. Her political views are off the wall as far as I’m concerned. Maybe from Canada the view is different. I love her blog and get a kick out of her writing. She’s entitled to her beliefs. I wanted to post about mine since people rarely read comments to posts and we get many of the same readers as her. Thanks for your comment! Please don’t be a stranger.

  2. From

    In fact, the highest temperature recorded in California, 134 degrees, is also the current hottest air temperature on record on Earth and was measured in Death Valley, California, on July 10, 1913.

    So after nearly 110 years it has never been hotter. We have been using the most evil of energy sources, fossil fuels, emitting the most dangerous of greenhouse gases for over a century, and it hasn’t increased the temperature one iota. Global warming is fear tactic used to manipulate the public (you) into doing this or that. This has been happening for my entire life, all 52 years of it. In the 70’s it was the next ice age, then it was the ozone hole, then it was acid rain, then it was global warming and sea level rise, and now we have arrived at climate change, all of which was supposed to be a life ending danger. We have been told we will run out of oil, gold, silver and that the ocean life will all be gone by the year 2000 (Ted Danson). And don’t forget mass starvation due to over population.

    All of it total crap.
    But there will always be people unable to think for themselves and just blindly follow the latest panic porn.

    1. Author

      Has it occurred to you that you are the blind follower of people who want to manipulate you? Record single temperature readings, both high and low are not signals of climate stability or change. I’m not going to waste my time arguing. Go back to Fox News.

  3. You misrepresent my views.

    I want affordable health care for all, and free where folks cannot afford it. We disagree on the best way to get there (a 3 year wait for a hip replacement in Canada is NOT effective).

    I also want inexpensive drugs. Your system in the US is rife with crony capitalism where you pay the highest prices.

    Your elections had many irregularities (I didn’t say “fraud”). I did not argue anything about black and Hispanic voters. Never mentioned them. Rules were changed without state legislature approval. Is that a lie? Rules were loosened (mass mail in and sig checks). It made fraud possible and unauditable. Breaking news about the truly momentous election donations from Facebook that pulled the vote exclusively in heavily Dem locations are pretty bad also (perhaps not illegal, but ought to be!)

    I am not lying about anything. Go to my blog article and if you find something you can characterize as a lie, let me know. (Differences of opinion don’t count).

    On global warming you seem to be much less well educated than I. I’m happy to debate the science ad nauseum over email, but I suspect you won’t take me up on it.

    1. Author

      Thanks for your reply. We can discuss global warming via email. You overlook a significant American issue. Our poor have a difficult time voting in most states. I don’t want to go into the details here, but republican state legislatures have worked hard to keep it that way. Please refer to the NY Times. I, at least, consider it to be accurate in its news reporting.

      1. I have no argument with encouraging every citizen who can vote, to vote. Our goals align there.

        Last minute imposition of mass mail-in-ballots with, in some cases, lax fraud checks (because not well thought through and last minute), lax auditability, and imposed against the law (approved by courts, not legislatures), I do have an argument with.

        On a related topic, perhaps no ID requirement would get a marginally small number of extra voters out, but at what cost? Most countries have voter ID laws and are not considered having that as being a sign of racism. That’s a uniquely US Democrat point of view. Heck, nowadays you need ID to go to a restaurant. If you think barring folks incapable of getting an ID from voting is racist, how racist is it to bar them from going to restaurants, and movies, and venues?

        1. Author

          I think you misunderstand how our state legislatures can do mischief. Legislators tend to be strongly aligned with their parties. In some Republican-controlled states, the legislatures have rigged elections by putting barriers in front of voters who belong to a different party. There are two main techniques: First gerrymandering. This is changing the borders of voting districts to assure the party in power stays there. The Federal courts have had to stop some states from abusing redistricting. By the way, the 2020 census allows another set of gerrymandered districts to be created by Republican legislatures. Federal courts are now hearing cases against them.

          The most evil form of election rigging comes from finding ways to discourage or disqualify voters from the opposing party. The former president was a big fan of this. For example, Election Day is not a holiday here. Hourly workers have trouble finding time to vote. Republican legislatures have been extremely rigid about closing polls early. Other states and countries keep polls open for more than one day. Some offer Sunday voting. The old Jim Crow laws are the former president’s template for excluding black voters who are over 90% Democrats. Take a look at what Texas, for example, tried to do.

          Mail ballots are just as safe as in-person voting. Here in Washington, we have 100% mail ballots. When I registered to vote I proved my address, age, and citizenship. My signature is part of the record. A ballot isn’t counted unless the envelope it is mailed in is signed and the signature matches the one I did when I registered. All are scanned for later audits if needed. My signature changed over time and one year I got a letter informing me that the signature on my ballot didn’t match the one on file. I was required to re-prove my eligibility and identity and submit a new signature. Then and only then my vote was counted.

          Other states have similar systems. Many states recounted and audited their elections. Even in red states, no fraud was found. The former president lost the election fair and square. I believe that we need a Federal election system that is responsible for how voters are registered and elections held. We need to get corrupt state legislatures out of the equation. The goal is fairness to every citizen.

          Now, as to needing ID to go to restaurants, etc. Many states require proof of vaccination to go to those places. My proof is a card that I was given when I got my first shot. I wasn’t asked for picture ID and the card just has my name and the vaccination data. I’m not thrilled at having to produce this. When we got each shot, we did give our social security numbers and birthdates and phone numbers on a form. This is to facilitate our state keeping track of vaccinations. I can go to a website and see almost every vaccination I have received since living here, not just COVID. This is great because an emergency room can call up the data to verify what immunizations I’ve received.

          Your comment about asking for proof of vaccination as racist is the typical specious non-sequitors offered by your friends in the former president’s fan club. Asking for proof of vaccination is a way to protect public health. Requiring government-issued ID to vote is a very different matter.

          You know that, Julie. You’re better than that.

          1. Requiring ID seems to be the same in each case. I guess your argument is that the good that comes from vaccine mandates overbalances the bad of a racist outcome; but the good of secure elections does not overbalance the bad of a racist outcome in that case. At least be intellectually honest about it.

          2. Author

            You don’t have to show ID that proves who you are to eat in a restaurant, just a vax card which is ridiculously easy to forge. It’s just an effort to protect public health. We’ll have to agree to disagree.

  4. Author

    More FOX news after these messages.

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