Both Lion and I crapped out after dinner last night. I didn’t even get the dishes cleared. I was very cold and I didn’t want to come out from under the covers. Lion snoozed and then I did too. By the time I woke up, did the dishes and took a shower, it was around 9. I told Lion he had a reprieve from spanking for the night. He was happy about that. I wasn’t really. I wanted to spank him since we both know it’s better to complete the punishment as close as possible to the infraction. I’d considered dragging the spanking bench out before dinner but I didn’t want it to be in the way and I was already cold and feeling yucky at that point. There’s something about fall/winter and the sun setting so early that makes me feel yucky. The other night, I went out to get some prescriptions and it was cold and rainy. I was thinking of going to Costco since I was close but I was just so done with being out that I came right home. Costco will be done today or tomorrow in the light of day.

Working from home allows me to do certain things, like laundry, during the day. I can throw a load in, work, toss it in the dryer, work, and then fold them when they’re done. Obviously, I can’t run errands. I hate to waste a weekend running errands, but driving in the dark, especially if it’s raining, is not fun for me anymore. Not that it was ever fun, but I didn’t mind it. I guess if it’s warm, it’s not bad. But then, when it’s warm, it’s summer and it gets dark later. In short, (I know that wasn’t really short) I just hate winter. This is coming from a New Yorker. Winters were definitely worse there. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m older. Get off my lawn!

If all goes well, Lion will get his spanking today. He’s been working on some computer-y thing with the website. He explains it, but he might as well be speaking a foreign language. I access things the same way, so I don’t have to change whatever it is I’m doing. I don’t really need to know more than that. I hear him muttering in his office. Occasionally, there’s a grumble. Then he’ll announce things are fine. Then another grumble. Then things are fine. If I have a computer problem, he tries to explain what to do. If it’s any more complicated than “jiggle the handle”, he takes over. I’m not completely computer illiterate. I just don’t want to get too involved with it.

Lion would probably say I’m more of a hands-on person. I put my hands on a paddle and that paddle on his butt. I put my hands on a rope and tie that rope on his balls. That’s a much better use of my hands and my time. I’m sure he agrees with the rope part. In theory, he agrees with the paddle part too. He just doesn’t like when it actually happens. Too bad. That’s what we agreed to.