Our Blog Has A New Home And I Have A Sore Butt

You could easily believe that I am not too bright. On Wednesday, I forgot to set up the coffee pot for Thursday. I didn’t forget because Mrs. Lion is working from home. My excuse is a little more complicated. Our ISP for this blog has been giving us problems when we write posts. We’ve moved to the cloud. Anyway, the process of moving a site as large as ours is complicated and annoying. I struggled with issues with our old service for hours. The cloud install was much easier but still complex. I forgot to set up the damn coffee pot with all this going on.

I had no idea that I missed it until Mrs. Lion came into the bedroom and, with a nasty smile, said, “I pressed the brew button, and nothing happened.” I asked if I was going to get spanked. She said, “Yes.” I didn’t surprise her when I said I didn’t want one. As she wrote in her post, “Double the Coffee, Double the “Fun,” she made it clear that the spanking bench is coming out tonight, and I will be riding it. Bummer.

Our site is running in the cloud now. The problems we had with our old provider are gone. My writing is going pretty well. I’m still looking for beta readers. It’s time for me to try to find an agent. Otherwise, things are ticking along. Our new puppy is much less difficult. I promise more tomorrow.


  1. This surely must be giving double fun, double trouble, but punishment will be necessary, no matter what. Do give him the swats, Mrs. Lion

  2. I’d be happy to proofread your next book.

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