Clothespins On My Balls And I Almost Got To Come

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If you read Mrs. Lion’s post yesterday (“What Were You Thinking?“), I pissed her off. I didn’t mean to upset her. Her explanation of the offense included a ton of information about how busy she was, etc. I won’t go into that. In my mind, I figured that when she collected the dog’s toys, she would put them out of the puppy’s reach. That’s why I asked her what she was thinking. Nevertheless, that was rude, and I earned a spanking.

Her upset distracted her from telling you about Thursday night’s fun. Mrs. Lion ran a row of clothespins over the “seam” in my scrotum with some additional added on my very-sensitive perineum. She did this after getting me hard. Then, she proceeded to masturbate me, removing a clothespin or two at a time. She pointed out that she was being “nasty” by pulling them off without releasing them. Guess what? I noticed.

She continued jerking me off after the pins were all gone. Not surprisingly, she got me right to the edge of orgasm and stopped. Well, I was surprised. Before we started, she said, “Let’s see how many orgasms you can get this month.” Since my average has been two a month, I saw this as a sign that she would let me ejaculate. Nope. She didn’t. She muttered something like, “You can’t come without at least a day of edging first.” This must be one of Mrs. Lion’s laws of Lion ejaculation.

I paid close attention to “at least.” That means I won’t be getting lucky the next time she takes the time to get me ready to squirt. Poor me. She’s punishing me tonight (Friday). I wonder if that rules tonight out for sexual activity. It often does. I guess I’ll have to wait and see about that.

I’ve been much more interested in sex lately. That’s a good sign. Mrs. Lion’s reinstatement of Zapardy and now clothespins on my balls certainly helps. I’m also pretty sure that resuming spanking isn’t hurting the situation. It is hurting my bottom a lot. Boy, is she a good spanker! The new ankle and wrist restraints arrived from Extreme Restraints. They are super-high quality and worth every penny of their cost. She can also lock them on me. She won’t, but it’s nice she has the option. I hope she tries them soon. Hint, hint.

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