Less Stress For The Lioness

As Mrs. Lion wrote yesterday (“Zapped and Spanked“), the puppy and working from home have been a strain. We hired a very expensive professional dog trainer to help us train the savage (just kidding!) beast. I’m the only savage beast here. The dog is a very sweet golden retriever puppy. She has her wild moments. They are happening less and less often. If we follow the directions of the trainer, the pup will turn out to be wonderfully trained. She’s smart and not stubborn. We need the training, not so much the dog.

I think that ultimately the dog training will benefit Mrs. Lion in her handling of me. The trainer is reinforcing the need for consistency and frequent demonstrations of domiance. Dogs and lions aren’t that different. It’s been suggested that training me is an added stressor for Mrs. Lion. I initially agreed with that and considered suggesting that she discontinue her lion management until things settled down here.

After thinking carefully about making that suggestion I realized that might make things worse. We are in a very good place right now. Mrs. Lion is getting satisfaction out of spanking me. She likes catching me breaking rules. The remaining problem for her is deciding what rules she should make. It’s hard for her to growl at me if I interrupt her. She realizes that conversational annoyances are not as simple to diagnose as other rules. That doesn’t mean things aren’t getting better. It took her a while to consider, but she decided that I had interrupted her twice last weekend. My Tuesday spanking was punishment for those offenses.

At the same time, I realized that being spanked increased my libido (“Wood Viagra“). That gives Mrs. Lion further incentive to use her paddles more frequently. In the past this might have caused her more stress. It’s taken her quite a while to decide that spanking me isn’t a bad thing for her to do. Once the taboo-breaking worry was gone, she focused on her technique and has become a world-class spanker. Lucky me. She prides herself on her ability to effectively punish me. That reduces her stress. She is successful in her role as disciplinary wife. We both agree that domestic discipline is valuable in our marriage.

Now that the puppy is settling down and Mrs. Lion gets accustomed to our dog training routine, her stress level will go down. I’m less dependent on her for day-to-day help. We’ve begun to adapt to my limitations. I think that helps too.