I find this GIF very hot. His position and her serious approach turn me on.

Things have been quiet here in the lions’ den. Mrs. Lion is settling into her new work-from-home routine. I’m back to my writing. We’ve been sex and spanking-free for a while now. You can see how long in the right column of our website. Her transition isn’t bump-free. There are lots of distractions, including me. Tuesday seems to be smoother for her. I’m sure things will settle down.

I’m writing this post on Tuesday afternoon. I read in her post that she’s decided to spank me tonight. Oh well. Even though she hasn’t mentioned any specifics, she said I interrupted her a couple of times. I’m not being as careful as I should be. I’m not looking forward to ten minutes with her paddles.

It always amazes me that even though I know what happens if I break a rule after some time has passed since my last punishment, I get sloppy and slip. Some people admit that they begin to crave punishment. They feel a strong sexual need to be spanked. I don’t. At least it isn’t a conscious desire. Mrs. Lion is always glad to accommodate me if I ask to be paddled. She admits that she gets a sense of accomplishment out of each beating. You would think she would find more reasons to spank me.

Spanking is a win-win for us. There’s something positive in it for us both. Granted, the benefit is very different for me, but it’s there. Mrs. Lion wrote that stress and exhaustion have interfered with creating new rules for me. I’m sure they get in the way, but I’m not sure that’s the whole story. I know she likes to “catch” me, breaking the rules. The issue may be that, on some level, she has forgotten that this is a sort of game for her. Perhaps if she sets a goal of creating, say, three new rules in the next week, the game aspect will return to her.

This isn’t as odd as it sounds. There is a consistent subtext running beneath most accounts of domestic discipline that suggests the disciplinary wife likes catching her husband committing an offense. We males admit that there is a strong sexual aspect to being spanked. The trick for our wives is to keep us aroused at the prospect of a spanking and, at the same time, very unhappy with the event.

For a long time, I thought this dual set of feelings only existed for those of us who get spanked. Now I see that our disciplinary wives share their own pair of emotions. On one level, they don’t like hurting us and may, at first, shy away from spanking. Later, they come to develop a sense of satisfaction with a job well done. They also enjoy the game of observing and then punishing our slips.

I imagine that there may be some guilt associated with this. How can a loving wife feel proud of making her husband yelp and wince when he sits? How, indeed! Of course, there is the rationalization that “he wants it,” which makes it OK. I imagine that’s a bit like my sexual arousal at the thought of being spanked. It’s enough to get me bare-ass on the spanking bench, but not enough to make me hard while I’m being beaten.

The same is true for the wives. Rationalizing that they spank because we want it is enough to get them to tell us to assume the position. It’s not enough to carry them through a bottom-blistering spanking. A sense of pride in a job well done takes them the rest of the way. We males don’t need further motivation. Once we are in position, we no longer need motivation. We hold still because the spanking will be worse if we don’t. We just need the sexual arousal to get us to the punishment.

There is another motivation for both of us. If Mrs. Lion consistently makes and enforces rules, my behavior becomes more agreeable to her. If I upset her, she will spank me. If she doesn’t punish me, I will feel guilty for hurting her—another win-win. I don’t have to carry guilt, and Mrs. Lion gets a better-trained lion. The resolution of these potential bumps in the marital road is managed without withholding love or affection. Ten minutes of paddling restores harmony.

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