Gobble, Gobble, Gobble

This year we promise to cook it first.

Today is Thanksgiving. It’s a day to visit with family and stuff your face. Our family lives far away so it’s just us stuffing our faces. We’re watching a dog show, marveling at all the different breeds and how much grooming some of them require. We’ll start cooking in a little while.

This morning we set up my work computer. Things didn’t go exactly to plan but, aside from plugging in an internet connection and phone, everything is working. Now I have to set up the rest of my crap to get ready for Monday morning.

We met with the dog trainer yesterday afternoon. Our dear Willow apparently thinks she’s just one of us. We have to learn how to convince her she needs to listen to us. I’m not at all sure why they call it dog training. Usually it’s the owners who need training. In this case, I’ll probably be the problem student. As you know, I’m inconsistent. I’ll give it my best shot.

Despite the lion weather report of hot, by the time we tried, things had cooled off. He was hard for a short time but I couldn’t keep him interested. Once we get the turkey in the oven, maybe we’ll try again. Lion is snoozing at the moment so he should be all rested up.

One of these days, I need to give him a “just because” spanking. He’s interrupted a few times. I haven’t growled yet. I suppose I should. I guess I’ve been too stressed by the dog and work lately. I need to make Lion more of a priority.