She Knows I’m Hers When She Spanks Me

Our six-month-old golden retriever puppy is causing both of us stress. She rarely pees inside the house. The problem is some puppy behavior. She likes to use her paws to get our attention. She will also jump at us when we try to move around the house. She has no idea that this is dangerous. She seems to find it more fun when we get upset and try to stop her. She’s drawn blood when we get raked with her claws. Her jumping can knock me over. My balance and vision aren’t very good. I fell once when she leaped at me. In addition, the floor is littered with dog toys. Mrs. Lion calls them “land mines.” I have lots of trouble navigating around them.

This is all temporary. She’s a very smart dog. For example, she goes nuts when she is with me in my office. She jumps at me. I’ve lured her out with a doggy biscuit and closed the door. Now, she doesn’t even try to come in. She knows I don’t want her inside with me. She doesn’t jump on me as much in the bedroom. I’ve consistently sprayed her with water when she jumps. Mrs. Lion has been less consistent and often pets the dog if she puts her front paws on the bed. This is confusing to her.

I’m hoping the dog trainer will help us teach the pup not to jump. I love her company and would like her to help me in my office. Puppies have a natural enthusiasm that needs to be channeled into safer behaviors. The fact that our little dog is already learning some boundaries is a very good sign.

My stress is mostly caused by Mrs. Lion’s reactions to the dog. She gets very upset and yells at the pup. She looks ready to hurt the dog. I know she won’t, but it upsets me. My stomach is in knots from all of this yelling. I hate to think that our normal lives have to wait until the critter is tamed. Mrs. Lion does a good job taming me without yelling. Of course, she is distracted at the moment.

I wrote a post about possession (“Possession“). I intended to explain what made me, and by extension, other men who want to feel submissive, feel owned. I thought I made it clear that Mrs. Lion doesn’t feel ownership when she does things that have a strong emotional impact on me. We don’t share the same signals. That makes perfect sense. Locking me in a male chastity device or locking cock ring is more of an inconvenience than a symbol of ownership to Mrs. Lion. I imagine other women feel the same way.

It’s my job to figure out what makes me feel the transfer of power that I love. It’s up to my lioness to work out how to make her feel her ownership of me. I’ll bet it won’t be the same as what makes me feel owned. She did say that spanking me gives her a sense of ownership. She went on to say that she thought the reason it does is that she has mastered the skill. I don’t think she needs a reason it works. Aside from being confident she can properly beat me, I guess she also gets a sense of possession because I am so vulnerable to her. Reasons aren’t important. I’m just glad there is at least one thing that lets her feel her role.