We had a lot of wind last night. Unfortunately, that was the only action happening. We had dinner figured out for once, but Lion said his tummy was bothering him when I got home. Mine has been doing weird things too, but I was ignoring it. The dinner plans were out the window, and Lion wasn’t hungry anyway. I wasn’t either. We watched TV and held hands-on and off. It was somewhere around 9 when Lion said maybe he’d have half a sandwich. I found something to eat too. And that was the extent of our evening.

I was maybe expecting Lion to have an orgasm four days after his last one was too presumptuous. Perhaps I should aim lower. The only thing I wanted was for Lion to have a wait time of fewer than 21 days. And more than that, I wanted him to have fun along the way. There’s no pressure for him to have one in four days. It was an overcorrection on my part.

Here’s what I think should happen, and this is just my opinion. I want Lion to want to have sex. I don’t say that in the vein of my not wanting sex for myself. Of course, Lion is a horndog most of the time. I mean, I don’t want him to worry about how I feel about giving him sex. He tends to see sex as one-sided where I get nothing out of it. He sees it as a chore for me, and that keeps him from wanting and enjoying it. I’m saying he should knock it off.

Rather than come at it from the wait time end of it, I should be coming at it from its enjoyment. Does it really matter when he has an orgasm as long as he’s having fun along the way? I don’t think so. Is it a bad thing if he has an orgasm a few days after having one? I don’t think so. Obviously, it won’t be the norm, but nothing says I can’t give him one the next time he gets near the edge. Who cares if it’s four days or seven days? If I want to make him wait seven days, even if he’s made it to the edge at day six, that’s fine too.

I already know I can’t make him 100% happy. I’ve given him orgasms when he’s wanted to wait longer. How do I know? I can’t ask him. He won’t tell me because he doesn’t want to influence me. Sometimes it would be nice to know he’s enjoying being teased and doesn’t want to come yet. I think he worries too much about influencing me. If he’s in the throes of being edged and I ask him if he wants to come, and he says he does, I can always tell him it’s too bad. I don’t want him to come yet. But if he’s really, really looking forward to coming that night, it would be nice to know. Alternately, if he really, really doesn’t want to come, it would be nice to know too. I can do with that information what I will.

All I’m asking for is a little guidance. He won’t actually be deciding anything. I don’t think it’s asking too much.