Shut Out In Football. A Winner In Bed

Sunday was an interesting day. We didn’t get much done around the house. Mrs. Lion was tired and snoozed on and off all afternoon. We sorta watched a Seattle Seahawks game. It was a shutout. They lost. This year we have two losing teams that we root for (the Giants and Seahawks). The Seahawks have the world’s worst coach. He’s the guy who, at the end of the Superbowl game with his team on the one-yard line with four downs to win the game, called a pass play (from the one-yard line! Asshole!) which the Patriots intercepted, and Seattle lost. The stupid Seattle fans still revere him (Pete Carrol). In New York, we would have hung him from the goalpost.

Anyway, we had a frozen pizza for dinner and settled in bed to watch TV. Mrs. Lion’s batteries had recharged, and she was up to some fun. She used her hand to get me right to the edge. Then she went to her dresser for some lube. She was ready to ride me after 1,369 days! I wasn’t prepared to be mounted. She was a little surprised. I didn’t feel reliably aroused. It had been 21 days since my last orgasm, and after a wait that long, my ability to get aroused and ejaculate was unreliable. I said, “I want you to ride me, but because it’s been so long, I think it might pay to do it when I haven’t been waiting so long.”

I think she was a little surprised. After nearly four years, I’ve almost forgotten what it feels like to be in her vagina. I certainly want my experience to be memorable. I hope she will be willing again soon. I also hope that I don’t have to wait another four years for a chance.

I’m writing this post on Monday. Mrs. Lion just emailed me that the power is out at her office, and she is heading home. Local rivers are over their banks and are flooding some of the roads. We live out of range of the floods, but one-by-one access to the world is being cut off. The weather forecast calls for the rain to end later today and the river water to recede. This happens periodically here. We live in the western foothills of the Cascade Mountains. We normally maintain a supply of emergency food and water in case we are isolated. Unfortunately, a burst pipe in the basement wiped out our supplies, and I haven’t replaced them yet. I’ll order today! November and December are the worst months for storms here.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Lion and I are happy together and in no danger of stopping our domestic discipline or male chastity. From our spanking counter (It’s on the right column of this page), I see that it’s been a week since my last spanking. Uh oh. Mrs. Lion just arrived home. I better watch my step.