Four Days

The sun is shining today. It doesn’t make it any easier to be at work. I liked working from home yesterday afternoon. I need to clean my desk off better for when I work from home full time, but that won’t take long. I also have to help Lion clean his desk off. We both tend to let papers pile up. In my case, I’ve had to put things up so the dog can’t get them.

Tonight, I’m picking up a grocery order at one store and going to another one to get a turkey for Thanksgiving. We usually have a turkey breast since neither of us likes dark meat, but we may have to get a whole bird if there are no breasts available. Either way, we’ll have our traditional Thanksgiving dinner with just the two of us, which is how we like it. We don’t have to drive anywhere. We don’t have to accommodate other people’s allergies or dislikes. We know what we like, and we make it—done deal.

Last night was the night-after-orgasm lull. I know Lion isn’t in the mood for action on that one night. He used to be, and I bet I could get him interested again, but I give him time to recharge his batteries. Tonight, I’ll see if I can interest him in more than snuggles. I want to shorten his wait time this time around. No more 21 day waits for him. Well, I may make him wait that long at some point in the future, but that will be in the distant future. Right now, I want to get us back on track for tease and deny (almost) every night and an orgasm sooner than he may like. I’m thinking four days. His wait times were anywhere from four to ten days for a long time. Between one of us being tired or sick and our recent bout of miscommunication, it’s stretched out to 21 days the past few times. Yuck! I don’t like it. I know Lion doesn’t like it.

Are four days attainable? I don’t know. Maybe not. But maybe. It all depends on how cooperative our bodies are. Can we fight off snoozing and not feeling well for four days? Well, now three days. I’m game if Lion is. Let’s get those balls warmed up (they hang lower when they’re warm) and get this show on the road. Clothespins, IcyHot, ropes, restraints. Check, check, check, check. I’m excited to try.

What happens if four days is too soon? Won’t we have fun trying! If it takes another day, that’s one more day of fun. I’m not pressuring Lion. Pressure is the enemy of erections. I’m not going to punish him for not being able to have an orgasm, although I think he is due for a spanking. He hasn’t done anything. I just need to sharpen my skills and remind his butt how it feels to be whomped—no time like the present.

Okay. Game plan set. Let’s hope we score better than either of our football teams.

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