Dangle Balls

I have so many balls in the air right now, I’m just thankful two of them belong to Lion. I got to play with those balls last night while I slid my fingers around in his ass. I figured my fingers were more intimate than a butt plug and I need to start him off slower than shoving a butt plug in. It was a happy coincidence that his balls were hanging down while I was in the neighborhood. I know I’m weird on so many levels, but I like balls. Many women don’t. And those who do tend not to like dangling balls. I love them. It’s one of my favorite views of Lion. I love watching him bend over to pick something up. Yum!

I play with his balls a lot while I masturbate him. I kiss them, squeeze them, tickle them, yank on them, etc. They are a multipurpose toy, really. And they are a pretty good indicator of when he’s getting very close. His balls tend to pull, shrink, for want of a better word, when he’s about to come. I don’t know the mechanics of it all, but it seems reliable. Once they make their ascent and the skin wrinkles up, he’s almost there. I wonder if there’s a similar indication for women.

Last night was the first step in getting things back to normal. I won’t say we’re fixed yet, but we have to start somewhere. I think tonight I’m going to insist on sucking him. It’s not just for his benefit, although I’m sure he’ll enjoy it. I love having him in my mouth. (See above statement about being weird.) I especially love when he gets hard in my mouth. There’s something powerful about taking a lump of soft skin and transforming it into a super-hard piece of man meat.

I hope I can get him super hard tonight. I haven’t been doing a very good job getting him hard lately. He’s not in a particularly horny place in his wait cycle, although last night he said he was very horny after we stopped. I may start out with some more ass play, but I also want to tie his balls up. I don’t know if I’ll separate them or keep them bound together, but I see some rope around his balls in the near future.

Perhaps I’m overthinking it, but I’m not sure how to tie Lion to the bed while I suck on him. Our restraints are based on his being in bed the normal way. When I suck him, he lays across the bed. It may be as simple as just attaching his hands to one side of the bed and his feet to the other. But a bed isn’t necessarily square so it may not work as well as I hope. We may have to experiment. I don’t think Lion will mind experimenting with bondage.