Try, Try Again

On Sunday, I lifted the nearly 50-pound dog on and off of the grooming table. Then I wrestled a large mini-fridge (oxymoron much?) through the house and lifted it onto a low table. Late yesterday afternoon, I couldn’t figure out why my back suddenly started hurting. It took till I got home and was telling Lion about it for me to realize how much I’d done to make it hurt. We decided I should rest rather than play with him. Of course, this is after I whomped him. I’m sure he’d have appreciated my deciding to take the night off before his buns met my paddles.

It was thirteen days since his previous spanking. He was due, and I’d just read his post for this morning. I was upset and decided it was high time he was swatted. I did, however, take it easy on him. He escaped with pleasantly rosy cheeks rather than his normal red, possibly-bleeding, on-the-way-to-being-bruised cheeks. He was yelping like it was the first time anyone had ever spanked him, and I wasn’t even hitting very hard. Sheesh! It’s a very good thing he wasn’t near me right after I read his post. Although, I was more upset than mad, so he wouldn’t have gotten a very harsh spanking then either.

If I have this right, and Lion can correct me if I don’t, Lion is looking for more involvement in the form of affection and communication. I guess, in my quest to do things “right,” I became too impersonal and maybe a little mechanical. It looked like Lion was just something I did, like a chore. It does take a certain amount of concentration to spank him effectively and even to masturbate him. Am I hitting in the right spot? Is it too hard or too soft? Am I holding him the right way to keep him aroused? Am I going too fast or too slow? Too robotic.

I hope I was more interactive with his spanking. I tried to talk to him more. I asked him to come to the spanking bench, so I could make sure his buns hadn’t forgotten what it felt like to be swatted. When he yelped, I assured him I wasn’t hitting that hard. I know it felt like I was, but I only gave him maybe six harder swats. Even those harder swats weren’t the worst he’s ever gotten.

I was thinking of swatting him again tonight. I don’t have a reason, other than the fact that I don’t think he’s ever been swatted two nights in a row. Perhaps it’s time to break that streak. It’s not like he’s bruised, and it will hurt all that much more. He could even look at it as the second half of the full spanking he didn’t get last night. Obviously, it doesn’t matter how he looks at it. If I need him over the bench for a spanking, he will get into position.

When I’m done with my shower, depending on how Lion’s tummy is doing tonight, I’ll give him some anal attention. I won’t just be impersonally be shoving a butt plug in. He might wind up plugged, but he’ll get some warmup first. Once I’m done with his posterior, I’ll give his anterior some attention. It’s long overdue.