Still Off Target

Lion went into the bedroom around 3:30 or 4 yesterday. He said he was only going because he felt tired. I went in to join him. In hindsight, that was a sign. He wanted attention. I missed it. I was joining him to be with him – not to be with him.

After dinner, when I tried to give him attention, he wasn’t in the mood. Well, duh. He’d been in the mood earlier. Why would he be in the mood later? He’s entered the doldrums portion of his wait. Right after an orgasm, he has a period where he doesn’t want sex. He’s recharging. Then he gets horny again. Then he may or may not want sex, and his body may or may not cooperate. I think this is where we are now. I’ve got to strike while the iron is hot. I waited till the iron was unplugged and cooling down yesterday.

Today is football and laundry and what to do about dinner. Somewhere in the middle (yes, I know the game can be paused), it will be Lion time. I was thinking butt plug again. I can do something that he can think about while I’m not necessarily doing anything else and think more about when I am doing something. Having a plug up your ass, I’d imagine, is a feeling that does not go away just because someone is yanking on your weenie. And it definitely becomes more pressing as things heat up. I know Lion clenches his thigh when he has an orgasm. I think he’d be clenching internally too. Pain versus pleasure. Lion loves that.

I still owe Lion a ride. I have not forgotten. It took him a long time to get his other birthday present and his birthday dinner. If we can ever get on the same page and he has a super erection, he’ll get it. Does it have to be a super erection? Not really. I just need a saddle horn to hang onto while I ride. Yeehaw!

[Lion — Yup. I’ve been waiting 1,362 days to be ridden. <sigh>]