I Guess We Were Tired

The dog woke me up at 5:30. I played with her for an hour thinking she’d be calmer later on. Nope. Around 6:30, Lion was awake and asking if I was up. I said I was and climbed back into bed. I thought we’d watch TV as usual. Nope. The dog woke me up at 11:30. Lion was still sleeping. I guess we were both tired. Lion slept till 12:30. I think that’s the longest we’ve both slept in a very long time. I’m glad we were able to.

When I got home from my “playdate” with my boss and a former coworker, Lion was barricaded in his office. He came out a little while later and we watched TV. I read his post that said I probably wasn’t going to do anything with him, but he’d taken a boner pill just in case. I planned to do something with him, although it did not involve IcyHot. When I snuggled in, he put on a show we like to watch and fell asleep. He wonders why I don’t wake him up for sex. See above paragraph. Obviously he’s tired.

I am cautiously optimistic about today. Sure, it’s already almost 3 but we can’t possibly be tired anymore. Right? Don’t challenge me. I bet we could both fall back to sleep without too much trouble. At some point, Lion will come out of his barricaded office. I’ll take a break from whatever I’m doing. And we’ll watch some TV or actually have a plan for play. I hope he can stay awake long enough for whatever I do plan. (I doubt it will involve IcyHot.) I’ll get my weenie working again. He just needs a little encouragement.