Quiet In The Lions’ Den

I am not complaining. Really, I’m not. Sex and BDSM play have returned to last place in our schedules. It isn’t intentional. Changing weather gives Mrs. Lion painful sinus headaches. A dinner out leaves us too full. Work and the dog were too stressful. Lots of reasons. I get it. Now, sitting here on Monday afternoon, it occurs to me that we have just been together from 1 PM on Friday until Mrs. Lion left for work this morning. We had plenty of downtime over the weekend. We only went out once. That was for dinner on Sunday night.

I know that Mrs. Lion didn’t have a headache all weekend. She did some chores on Sunday afternoon and watched the Seahawk football game with me. Couldn’t we have done some play during the afternoon on Friday, all day Saturday, or Sunday morning and early afternoon? We could. It’s the same old problem. I’m the only one who wants sex, and I can’t demand action. This is the big drawback of one-sided sex. It isn’t that Mrs. Lion doesn’t want to do something with me. It’s just not a priority.

Her solution, as she wrote in her post, “Warm Lion,” was to avoid promising to do anything from chores to sex. That way, she reasoned, she wouldn’t feel bad about failing to complete her to-do list. Did it work? It might have for her, not so much for me.

You may have noticed that I’m no longer advertising my book. I’ve decided to take it out of publication. The self-publishing route isn’t working for me. I plan to rewrite it and try to sell it to an agent. Either people who read sex blogs don’t read non-porn by bloggers, or the book isn’t appealing. Either way, it’s out of print. By the way, we have a link to our podcast. These are free audio versions of our posts. It has a modest following. I am considering taking that offline too. We can afford to keep up the blog, but the frill of a podcast may end up costing too much.

That’s the news for now. Have a great day!