Things have been rather quiet here the last six months or so. Not silent. Mrs. Lion spanks me as needed. But there hasn’t been much play. Mrs. Lion defines play as a synonym for sex. I don’t. Play for me refers to BDSM which can include sex but isn’t necessarily edging or ejaculation. Spanking is not play to me.

This came to mind for a couple of reasons. My post yesterday (“Balls!“) included a picture of my balls decorated with over thirty clothespins. Now that’s play! We have new restraints that have only been used once about a month ago. It’s true that Mrs. Lion also tied up my balls once or twice as well. It seems that we are interacting less in general. I wonder if she’s losing interest in play. I sure hope not.

We may be suffering some of Mrs. Lion’s famous inertia. It comes over her from time to time. She knows I’ve been grumbling about it for a while. If there is something I can do to help, I hope she lets me know. I miss the fun and the closeness when we are more active. This is one of those posts designed to update you and perhaps inspire her.

On another front (rear, really), It’s been two days, and I still feel my most recent spanking. Mrs. Lion says she doesn’t remember what she did to make this one more effective. I have no idea except that I’m still sore. There is a rough patch on each cheek that seems to be to blame for my discomfort. I guess practice makes perfect for domestic discipline.