Balls, testicles, hairy bedonkers, nuts, family jewels are just a few names for that fleshy bag that hangs below the penis. I thought that many women don’t like them. I was wrong. In a small survey on Twitter, I asked women for their views on balls. To my surprise, none responded that they didn’t like them.  Twenty percent said they only liked looking, forty percent liked touching, and forty percent enjoyed kissing them.

Mrs. Lion’s favorite view.

I didn’t expect that response. Of course, my sample came from women who follow me. They would be sexually open and biased toward male genitalia. Still, nearly half liked using their mouths there. Nice! I like my balls tickled and kissed. Licking is nice too. I didn’t ask about that. Mrs. Lion says that she is fond of my balls. She certainly enjoys torturing them. She likes to tie and separate them and then jerk me off. My tightly tied balls bounce on every stroke. She also likes covering them with clothespins of various types. Also, my most feared activity is Icy Hot or some other menthol or capsaicin rub applied there. The skin is much more sensitive than on my cock.

Mrs. Lion loves clothespins.

I love it when she tickles my balls. That feels good as foreplay and when she is sucking me. If she is using her hands, a finger (or two, or something larger) up my ass simultaneously is very hot. Mrs. Lion is especially fond of slapping my balls. I hate that. Well, if she uses a light item, like a paint stirrer, it gives me a nice sting. If she uses her hand, I get a nasty ache in my balls each time she swats. She claims that I need more “practice” to toughen me up. So far, she hasn’t followed up.

I think my balls are more attractive without hair. I think pubic hair, in general, is unnecessary—just one man’s opinion.

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  1. My Mistress/Wife enjoys seeing my balls turn purple as She is tugging on the humbler with me bent over the arm of the sofa! Or she swatting them with her bamboo switch!

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