It’s All Up to Him

Lion’s bottom after his spanking last night.

I finally dragged out the spanking bench last night. Lion said he hoped I’d put it off one more night. Nope. Sorry. He was feeling okay. I was tired, but it needed to be done. I’d pushed it off too many times. Sooner or later, it had to be done.

This time I wrestled the dog into her crate before I started whomping. I wasn’t going to let her get me upset again. Lion deserves my full attention, and he needs me to make sure I keep him safe. He still yelped, but this time I knew it was just him yelping and not because I was going too far. The only problem he had toward the end was worrying that blood would drip on the carpet. It did, but it will clean up.

This morning, Lion says his buns are sore but in a different way. Normally, they hurt when he sits. This time around, they hurt when he stands or walks. I don’t know what to make of that. He says the spanking was very effective. I have no idea what I did differently. Did I warm him up well and then hit harder? Did I hit medium strength for longer? I know I used some different paddles. One of them was a plastic/rubber paddle with bumps on it. For fun, I used one that looks like a meat tenderizer, but I didn’t hit hard because I know that makes him bleed. Maybe tenderizing him got him ready for deeper soreness. I’ll probably never be able to recreate what I did since I have no idea what I did. That’s a shame.

When I was getting ready for work this morning, Lion interrupted me a few times. I growled at him that he just needed to let me finish my thought. He wondered if he was in trouble. His buns are safe from more swats unless he continues to interrupt me. I told him he needed to watch his step. Maybe the first two interruptions are free or three strikes, and he’s out—something like that. I’m not unreasonable. Just don’t piss me off.

I’m sure his buns were glad to hear they wouldn’t be swatted again so soon. They need time to sulk too. It’s up to Lion how long they have to recover before being swatted next time.

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  1. You probably bruised the muscle.

    Looks like he is starting to fear you. Will be interesting to see that develop.

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